Thinking of Misa, I.C. adds, “That Lady Spectacular is so cool!”

    “Yes, now,” Blufie goes on, “getting to the point, Lu Lu and Katie Scott went to the Time Unit, long after Grille had been removed, and these two crazy girls helped them in creating the very Legacy you see recruiting Key of Storyboard XL in the first place.  Also, I’ll expound on what Victor had to do with Rat Food later, so don’t get sidetracked from what I’m saying now.  Getting sidetracked is my job.”

    Fifi giggles and argues, “But I’m your assistant now.  Can’t I get sidetracked, too?”

    Smirking, Keb agrees, “You’ve never complained when I do it.”

    “That’s because you’re my supervisor, Trainer Keb,” the QC clarifies.  “I’ll let you get sidetracked, too, Feefer.  Hmm, Fifi…Feefer…maybe I’ll start calling you Fever.  Sure!  Anyway, back to Lu Lu’s robot time agents!  She knew that the TU would create the Legacy and his fellow droids to hunt down Arion Jekel’s Victor scouts scattered throughout the storyboards in order to ensure their search for the perfect evil plan didn’t undo reality as we know it, so Luann simply took Katie to help with the building project.  That way, our girls could claim to have a direct hand on starting all the superheroness in our multiverse.  Now then, you should know who the Legacy is if you played the Starter Key game on the site, but you’ll definitely not know the blocky snowman droid from the start of this chapter.”

    I.C.’s mom interrupts.  “May I tell some of the story?  His name starts with t, and my nickname is Red T, so this seems legit to me.”

    Eppie disagrees.  “You’re Red, but he’s blue.  Look at his hands, hon.”

    Holding her ground, Eppie’s daughter responds, “Trish Jade?  T.J. is just as legit, because there’s still a t.  You can’t deny this fact.  You named me.”

    Crossing her arms in thoughtful defeat, Eppie states, “You do have a point there.  I suppose it can’t be helped.”

    As the hostess gives up her spot, the new lecturer begins.  “So cool!  Okay, Tappac was a droid built by the Time Unit, as we just established, and he was given the ability to turn whomever he wanted into an Infinite Warrior, but funnily enough, as I recall, he couldn’t use any powers for himself.  Well, he landed in Storyboard X in the mid-90’s, and there, he encountered that sibling of Victor.  I’ll call him Victor X or VX.  Well, Tappac discovered a newly created reptilian army known at the Tulians, and these inspired him to hurry up and pick some heroes to give powers, though only Finite level for starters.  However, of the four he chose, two of them rebelled and killed the third of this supposed quartet.  The remaining member sacrificed himself in at least defeating one of the traitors.  In the end, all Tappac accomplished was creating a new villain for VX to control.  Ergo, he decided to travel further back in SBX time to give himself some room for practice.”

    Faye laughs with her hand over her mouth, saying, “I.C., I love you, but Tappac seems to have your planning skills.”

    Turning as red as her mother’s name, Ima hisses, “Why do you have to be here?  Isn’t Fifi the one being recruited?”

    “Oh,” says the teaser, “you know I’m just giving you a hard time.  Here, have a cheeseburger.”

    Receiving the materialized treat, Crystal shouts for joy.  “Instant forgiveness!!”

    Trish goes on, also materializing a burger for herself.  “However, *munch, munch* before Tappac could go to the past, VX created a horrible monster that almost destroyed the bot, but both ended up in the past, and in his desperation, Tappac gave powers to the first four people he saw, and to his amazement, this turned out much better.  They obliterated the critter, scattering its pieces all over the universe.  He thanked them and allowed them to keep their powers in case the monster healed itself and came back, but he still wanted to find the perfect candidate to turn into an Infinite Warrior.”

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