Blufie ignores this and continues.  “Do you like salsa?”

    Suspecting Fifi asks, “What pun are you setting up now?”

    Huffing, the young woman says, “Well fine, don’t answer my question.  At any rate, the Successors’ language advanced to the point that their title deviated from Successor to, well, Salsa.  Don’t ask me how this happened.  Just know that several of their words for various things were food names.  It was quite the spicy society now.”

    Whipping out another picture causes Faye to squeal with joy.  “I know that sister!  That’s my Gigi!”

    “Yes,” Fifi confirms, “that’s my Aunt Gigi.  What gives?”

    Showing her sore disappointment at such a rookie mistake from our Ruyngardian style society, Blufie corrects them.  “You people should be ashamed of yourselves for not recognizing the standard unaltered face of your own universe.”

    Both girls make funny faces while voicing the technicalities of their picking one particular owner of this shared model.

    After hearing their defense, Blufie says, “Indeed, regardless of the details, you both know that Gigi gets her face model, though without any additional effort, from Cici herself.  Because Ant’s alter egos were all the majority of ancestors in your mixed universe, and Mrs. Majors is his twin, all the guys look like AB while all the girls look like Cici.  This isn’t rocket science, just advanced genetics.  Well, in the future, this model will be more associated with Gigi than Cici, regardless of System Guard history being lost.  So, for all the stuff about Ally J.’s famous family, Duplica gets a point in the game now, ha ha!”

    “Go, Mama-in-law!” cheers Faye.

    “Back to the point!”  Blu Blu claps happily.  “Queen Scoda Gigi I of the kingdom of Starcrucian!  That’s the woman that is every girl’s role model among the Salsa.  So, basically, those crazy people did something to accidentally reset technology and do some plot-related nonsense to their memory of their own virtually infinite abilities so that they struggled to rebuild from scratch, though still retaining the teleportation tech for the planets, and Gigi’s kingdom was the first to get set up after this, with her wisely helping the others to get started.  After she grew old and passed on, the next in line was taken out by an evil general, but that foe was replaced by the wise Lady Heart.  If you want to know what Lady Heart looked like, look at Cerine Rydden.  Moving on, the Salsa society eventually got everything back, and soon decided to change more than just their names.”

    I.C. yawns.

    Turning. Slowly. To see.  I.C… “Am I boring, Ima Crystal?”  Blufie is slightly red.

    Realizing she’s caught, Crystal frantically waves her arms in front of her, saying, “No, no, no, no, no!  I was just up last night playing the Allergy Game on the website.  Don’t erase me again!!  I’ll be a good PAC this time!!  Mercy!!”

    Everyone looks at Blufie, but she’s not flinching.  Walking over to the culprit, she leans in and coldly says, “Goodbye, erased thought.”

    Several seconds pass, but they feel like hours.  I.C. pokes her own cheek, then Blufie’s.  “Okay, okay, so accusing you of mercilessly wiping out your mini-PACs was a bit much.  Didn’t have to be dramatic.”

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