I.C.’s mom Red T. adds her opinion.  “That’s a hot idea, though I feel like this is a step backwards from what caused them to move in the first place.”

    “And you’re not alone in that thought,” confirms the blue one.  “The apprehension of this new living arrangement was soon strong enough that civilization eventually split off a new branch of planet searchers, and since we veterans felt bad for them, we secretly helped them find the perfect spot that was actually close enough to Solas to keep everyone as next-door neighbors.  They did think about just putting planets around the artificial sun planet itself, but this idea didn’t get much support.  What they ended up getting was a four-planet bundle that had an even distance between each planet and the shared sun, making for a cross shape if viewed from above.  While I can’t remember if they were named such beforehand or because of what happened next, these four worlds were named Mattie, Marcia, Lucca and Joan.  I think you can catch the reference.”

    Fifi cheers, “The Gospels!”

    “Indeed, my very astute student!” Blufie commends.  “And as if this wasn’t synoptic enough, a thing was eventually done, though accidentally at first, that linked the four planets in perpetual teleportation status so that all four planets were the SAME planet, but in four locations.  It was weird.  Like, you could kind of tell which one you were on to say your location by name, but for all practical purposes, it was the same world now.  That’s why they called it Synoptica.”

    “Cute!” says Eppie.

    Keb waves her hand in showcasing style.  “Now, introduce your creation, kid!”

    Blufie is highly excited by this advice.  “I shall do that.  For this next one, I personally got involved in helping with this project.  You see, I wanted to create a new team of heroes to maintain safety in the current setting, so I met with a particular woman who was about to have kids, quadruplets no less, and told her I wanted to recruit her girls for a mission.  She thus named them after the planets.”

    Showing everyone a picture of five girls, Blufie expounds on this image.  “Mattie, Marcia Marcy, Lucca Lucy and Joan were my girls I put in charge.  However, some smarty-pants tried to create a super copycat named Solas from her namesake world to outdo these.  However, she soon joined my team, so everything worked out.  These five are so cute as a team of crimefighters, so I’m very pleased with how things turned out.  In fact, their heroics were so, heh, successful—I made a pun—that we eventually had to beg them to move here with us to let the new five-world teleportation planet of Solas Synoptica walk on its own two feet.  That’s right; our girls are with us now, and the artificial planet of Solas added itself to the wonderful work of art that is already comprised of the four natural planets.  It was so beautiful!  But then the Successors got hungry, he he!  This leads to their next silly adventure.”

    Keb giggles and adds, “Those silly sandwich sailors.”

    Shrugging, Fifi guesses, “Don’t tell me that everything was going well until they ate the new planets.”

    The hostess adjust her eye visor at this assessment.  “I like your wit, my child.”

    “Your child?  Aren’t I you?”

    “Do you have to criticize every little saying I happen to throw out?”

    “Isn’t that my job now?”

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