Blufie continues, “Now, at this point in history, everyone was living within the main solar system of the Milky Way, even though the names of the planets were adjusted a bit.  We had Mercy, Kafe, Misamore for Earth, Rygar, Lyger, Showbridge, Josey, Reina, Logan and Alaxa for the restored Planet X.  From these, we focused on a few isolated people of interest before finally choosing one person from each to know about us and be the new superhero group to keep everyone safe, and boy, did they do an awesome job!  Unfortunately, after their day came and went, with them eventually retiring on Juniper with the rest of us veterans, the Successors started having problems.  First, Rygar got feisty and ended up in a war with Misamore in which Rygar blew up both planets!”

    Fifi is very sad at this information.  “How could they do such a horrible thing?”

    I.C. goes to hug Fifi.

    As Blufie decides to lead everyone in a group hug, she goes on, “The people at that time were at least able to prevent the two civilizations from being caught in the actual blast, allowing them to rebuild a substitute Misamore, on which both the expected natives and those of the culprit planet would live on for the rest of the stay in this solar system.  Thus, Misamore was moved a bit further out in space in between where the other two planets used to be.  However, even this wouldn’t be a safe spot when some goofballs decided to turn the sun into an industrial society, which would have been fine if not for their carelessness resulting in the unavoidable doom of the yellow star.  Of course, it changed its color during this process, but you knew what I meant.”

    Faye huffs, “After all the trouble we went through to calm my mother down and save my reputation, our great-great-so-forth-kids still messed up everything.  Please tell me that Main System me gave them a good talking to when they got to Juniper.”

    Blufie can’t help share a humorous look with Keb as she further explains, “Well, the people were able to do something about the problem, though they still had to leave the old stomping grounds behind.  A massive spaceship planet was built that was big enough to house all eight worlds’ populations of people as it drove deep into space in search of a new location to start over.  Now, even though they were all Infinites, despite not even remembering that name for their power status, they were still picky on real estate, so it wasn’t until a few generations later that they decided on a new spot to set up camp.”

    “What’d they do?” asks the captivated protégé.

    “Well,” says the teacher, “they just settled for sticking with an artificial planet to ensure a natural rock wouldn’t grow old and blow up on ‘em.  The place they’d live on was given its own sun energy, per say, so that they wouldn’t need a star to keep things going.  So, since this thing was its own solar power, and because it was the sole inhabited planet in the universe, beside Juniper, obviously, they called the place Solas.”

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