As the two share a laugh, Blufie clarifies, “Now, when I say I’m more adventurous than you, we both know I’m not saying you’re a coward or anything.  I think I already referenced the fact that it’s your slightly calmer nature that impressed me enough to want your assistant in helping G2.  Then again, I’m just being a good landlord in getting the opinions of my tenants before moving them into a new apartment.”

    With a raised eyebrow and a smirk, Fi barely beats Faye in asking, “Is the rent going to be higher?”

    Firing back, Blufie says, “Yes.  How else am I supposed to afford your endless supply of crossword puzzles, Fifi the Detective?”  Both Fifi versions are very pleased with the mention of crossword puzzles.

    I.C. just has to ask another question.  “Is it okay if I clarify which I.C. I am to the peoples out there?”

    Eppie adds, “I’d think you have to now.  Good job on the loaded question, hon.”

    “That’s my job,” responds I.C. with a shining smile, “seeing how I’m just like the real I.C. out there.”  Indeed, unless I specify differently, Keb and Blufie will probably be the only folks from the true System to appear in this particular hang out time today.  Everyone else will be from the Juniorverse.

    “Now,” Blufie is ready to take the conversation back to today’s purpose, “Lady Keb blatantly told you guys last time what we’ve been doing with the universe setup.  The focus shifted forward by thousands of years to a time when all the inhabitants of the System were common ancestors to a new society all called Successors.  There were no humans, Ancyro, Ani, or anything else.  They were all just Successors.  It was basically the same setup as New Ruyngard or the Dogwood Galaxy, only this was the entire System.  Of course, that meant that all the original folks were living on Juniper, safe and sound.  Also, all the previous deaders were brought back to life and given a new role that was a mix of retirement and kind of helping the new peeps from the shadows.  You see, the name and idea of System Guards didn’t even exist in this new Successor universe, with our stories being forgotten.  This was done on purpose to allow the newbies to do their own thing.  I do have to give a shoutout to Jaqui Scar’s great-granddaughter Lady Star for basically being in charge of helping the universe-folks during her generation and after, as she was put in charge of arranging things in preparation for the new setup.”

    Faye and Fifi high five to learn their family is still so involved.

    “Involved?” Blufie is happy to add this cameo.  “Even though they didn’t remember us, the Successors still had their ways of honoring their ancestors without even realizing it, as exemplified with one of the very few that even knew about us, Ally Johnson.  As the System Director was taking a tour through the new universe, he and the SGs with him decided to chill in a random restaurant and ended up meeting this precious kid.  She was such a cheerful spirit, they just had to let her in on the secret, and she’s been harassing me for money ever since.  Okay, so that’s what happens when your waitress friend lets you bum a meal off her restaurant, but weren’t we supposed to be talking about you and not me?”

    Fifi laughs at her silly friend before subtly casting a glance in the direction of her own wallet and praising God that she’s not so careless with finances.

    “Now,” Blufie starts again, “two things I wish to point out next involve the Successors and my many, many aunts.  First, even though the Successors forgot about the System Guards, they still very much know about the Bible and the important things in regarding how their society relates to the real world.  It’d be impractical to have them believing otherwise.  Next, when I said all the old characters are fully alive on Juniper, that includes the Jokers.  Remember, by now, it’s been so long, everyone is way past the events of the J Tot invasion, and these sweet girls are nothing like they were before they gave their lives to pointing folks to God.  I just wanted everyone to rest assured that Ally and her kids all genuinely changed and are doing great!  Also, as far as Ally Johnson and her fellow Successors are concerned, I forgot to point out the humorous difference between her people and the typical New Ruyngardian society.  You see, while they do have the identical face issue, along with the customization technology, because their health system is based on the theoretical idea of what real-world Earth might have been like before Noah’s Flood, the Successors just happen to all be nine-foot-tall giants.  Yeah, that’s a thing.  They also have an average lifespan of around a millennium, assuming they don’t take advantage of all of them being Infinite Warriors.  You see now why we Juniper residents, between our own good health and time travel, have lost all meaning of age and time, hahahaha!”

    Fifi can very much see how this advantage could leave Blufie’s family in such a silly frame of mind.  She now fears for herself that she will be as goofy as the rest of us one day.  That traitor!

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