Ignoring how silly this sounds coming from her warrior mother, Fifi turns and says to Blufie, “So, God created the universe, and the Bible is true.  Check.  There’s a Christian author within that universe that made his own fictional world for illustrative purposes, and because he used a computer theme, he called his little multiverse the System.  Check.  Within this multiverse, there are people who make their own imaginary worlds, and I’m living in one of those?”

    Keb chimes in, “The System Director doesn’t typically like to dabble with the idea of us creating our own mini-verses since they’d be able to pop out of our heads a little more easily, given our physics, if we lost control.  However, between us showing him it wouldn’t be any different than giving you rookies ‘limited Infinite Warrior status,’ and the humorous temptation to take a jab at the whole simulation physics theory, we finally got him to lighten up and let us have a little fun.  In fact, I’ll tell the readers that we may have started this little practical joke a loooooot sooner than you may want to know, meaning you’ve no idea at which point during our series you were reading about events that happened in the real System versus stuff that took place in this newer, smaller one.  I mean, both were similar enough that you’re not missing anything important, and we did it in a way to not violate the personal choices of the Juniorverse citizens involved in the process.  So yeah, this is a nifty thing.”

    Now, Fifi is tapping her forehead, almost zombified.  “I am so confused right now.  Why did you have to tell me this?”

    “Well, for one,” answers Keb, “wouldn’t y’all like to know why I was so involved, even more than AB, during the story?  Ain’t ya curious why there was so much blue?!  It was because you were seeing the effects of me taking up Fiona’s old role of training Blufie.  I am my mother’s daughter after all.”

    The aforementioned trainee confesses, “And you also saw a few times where my simple jokes kind of influenced history a little more than they should have.  Like, seriously, even in my universe, the whole thing starting with AB talking to Fiona because of a fluke from Missy, instead, turned into him talking to me, but because I was able to trick everyone into talking to each other anyway, I barely prevented a major catastrophe that we’d all regret!”

    Sighing, then laughing, Keb adds, “She’s improved a lot, let me tell ya.”

    Realizing we’re getting nowhere, Blufie decides to take a deep breath and try again.  “So, let’s review, and hopefully with a simpler approach.  The events of System Guards and System Successors all happened, basically, as you read them.  You don’t need to sweat the details.  After the end of last book, the System Director took a real-world three-year break, during which time he has gotten our input for various remodels he’s done to our universe.  That’s why I joked about ending everything.  I’m not really here to wipe you out, dear.  That was just a joke.  You see, the reason you are here is because I intend to promote you guys in this universe to live in ours.  It’s not that unusual for us.  Look at the CFA from the third book.  I already got permission to make you guys as real as the rest of us PACs, and when you arrive, we are all going to be hanging out in whatever newest model of the System you help me come up with.  I specifically chose you to help me because of how different you are from me.”

    “And because we wanted to fry the readers’ brains, of course,” Keb adds with no shame.

    “By the way, I call the System Director G2 as in Great-Granddad because I decided Mom’s calling him Gramps wasn’t torture enough.”  Blufie’s random confession finds Fifi in a surprise place of acceptance as she also uses this same name for SD, something which added to the girls’ confusion earlier when first overhearing Blufie say it.

    “So then,” Fifi requests, “explain how you and I are so different please.”

    She’s tempted to pull out a chart, but the blue one is content with a giggle.  “Well, we both have Faye’s confidence and Elfie’s heart, along with their combat skills, but I was already a bit more, eh, adventurous than you are before I was heavily influenced by the four comedy routines you call cousins.  Well, Misa Mercy is a distant cousin, but nonetheless.”

    Fifi rolls her eyes and joyfully exclaims, “Those girls of mine would be to blame for this.”

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