Summoning a few more friends, Blufie giggles and says, “Well, since the last episode was the actual end of this series, forgive me if I add an…Eppie Log.”

    Realizing she and her relatives were pulled into this scene for one awful pun, I.C. Mendez declares, “I should so totally be mad here, but at least I got more screentime than Duplica so far in this episode.”

    “Hi!” say Eppie and Red T.

    “Now, back to business,” states Blufie.  “We do have a universe to end after all.”

    “WHAT?!” Fifi almost shrieks.

    “What?” Blufie innocently repeats.  “You do know how the Ultimate Machine works, right?  A person like AB works with a female machine to bring about the end of the universe.  You can call me Lady Machine, I guess.”

    Facepalming, Keb laments, “Aye, aye, aye!  I should fire you now, Blufe.”

    Putting her hands up in defense, the blue one says, “Hey, at least I didn’t spill the beans that you’re the Ultimate Machine, and I’m just the agent you chose for ending it all.  Fi, you do remember that PAC stands for Partially Autonomous Cerebral Program, right?  A program is the would-be soul of a machine, per say.  Yeah, I’m not saying we’re actually souls like the real-worlders, but you know what I mean.  Well, by definition, a PAC is basically a machine, and on top of that, Keb is part human and part Ancyro in our world, so she’s equally that kind of hybrid.  So, for the SD to hire her as his assistant, it’s resulting in the universe ending.”

    Keb now takes off the sunglasses and whips them into a ten-foot-long katana.  “Blufie, stop scaring everyone, or I’ll cut off that right pigtail.”

     I.C. cheers, “Cut it!  Cut it!  Cut it!”

    Admitting defeat, Blufie finally calms down.  “Alright, alright!  I’m sorry, Fi.  We’ve been having a little too much fun with your exam today.  I am you, but I’m not exactly from your future.  You see, if you and I were the exact same, I’d be a gazillion years in your future, thanks to time shenanigans, of course, but it’s not that simple.  The System Director, as you know him, allowed me, Faye’s daughter, the privilege of making my own Juniorverse.  While we’ve mentioned things like this throughout the series, this is the first time we’ve actually decided to make a full-fledged story out of something like this.  So, you are a PAC within the System, but that multiverse was created within MY System that is within the mind of the author you’re familiar with, and HE is a mere speck in the universe created by the one and only True Author, the God of the Bible.  So, it’s the same setup you learned about in the System Guard Academy.  You’re just an extra level down.  No biggie, right?”

    “Hang on a second,” Fifi says as she must now think about this strongly.  She looks at a smiling, almost giggling Faye, and walks over to her.  She lays her forehead against her mom’s and closes her eyes in deep contemplation.  She then starts to lightly bop her head against Faye’s in thought a few times.

    “Please don’t headbutt me, dear.”

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