“Sup, hon?  Were you expecting G2 to be here?  Sorry, it’s just me, the Director.”

    Fifi just stares and stares at this creature and the surrounding environment that has now engulfed everything.  Miss Rug is a PAC, a System Guard graduate as of last year, and thus, an Infinite Warrior herself, and yet, of all the unusual nonsense her mind is easily used to, something about this seems to be too much.  And what’s worse…Faye doesn’t seem confused at all.

    Smiling at her daughter’s jaw resisting the urge to drop, Faye advises, “I think you two girls had better explain to the poor thing before both she and the real-worlders freak out.”

    “Of course, Little Mom!” is the cheerful reply.  “My name is Blufie, and this, as you surely know, is Lady Keb.  She’s training me to be a System Director.  Mind you, this is only a small section within the main region the readers are used to, but we’ll get to that in a bit.  It’s very nice to meet me—eh, I mean, you.”

    Tilting her head to the left, Fifi repeats the last part, “‘It’s very nice to meet…me’?”

    Feigning embarrassment, the one identified as Blufie says, “Oh dear, did I say that?  So careless of me.  Surely, you weren’t supposed to learn that super-sensitive information that I was trying not to tell you for at least another two paragraphs.”

    A slight hint of annoyance quickly hits her, but the new recruit does well to be polite.  “I know we’re fictional and all, but can we not get too out of…yeah, until I figure out what you’re trying to say.  Where’s the real System Director?  Where’s the guy that AB is supposed to look like.  Why are you saying that you are me.  Is this some future thing, or is this an entrance exam, sir?”

    Faye lovingly bops her daughter on the head.  “Don’t be rude.  It’s ‘ma’am,’ not ‘sir.’  That’s not Gramps.  He’s busy doing other stuff.  This is the System Director.”

    Crossing her arms with her right hand holding her chin, Fifi looks at the new SD, then at Keb, then at SD, then at Keb again.  She wiggles her puckered lips in cogitation, then asks Keb, “Remind me how you come into the picture again?”  This almost causes Keb’s sunglasses to fall off.

    Kebbie turns to Blufie and says, “I agree with Faye that you should tell poor Fifi what’s going on before this gets ugly, hon.”

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