This chit chat suddenly stops, not because Faye has ceased to exist, but because the pair has reached their destination.  Where is this?  Well, out in the middle of a long, paved walkway in the midst of beautiful, green grass, there’s a random light switch just hanging in mid-air.  As the mother and daughter look at this oddity, they both immediately know what to do.  They flip the switch.

    “Yeah, there was supposed to be more here, but someone was a bit lazy,” says a very familiar face.  It’s Katherine Elisabeth, AKA Keb, and she is the greeter to our two guests now standing in a vast sea of empty white.

    Faye looks around, very unimpressed.  “Gramps really is in a hurry to get this day started, isn’t he?”

    “Who?” asks Keb.  “If you’re here for the System Director, let this assistant help you with that.  I’ll be right back.”  As she walks down the hallway of empty nothing, she almost seems to poke her head around a corner that isn’t there and shouts, “Hey, babe!  They’re here already!”

    Hearing this, Fifi asks Faye, “Babe?  I thought we were supposed to meet the System Director.  Why are Keb and her husband here?  Surely, I’m not supposed to believe Fun Sanchez is the boss now.”

    Giggling, Faye responds, “Don’t be unfair, child.  If you can take Keb’s job, of course Fun can take Gramps’.  Then again, there go my VIP privileges.”  This last part isn’t said with a giggle.

    Keb overhears all this as she returns and defends her term of endearment.  “No, I wasn’t talking to my husband, silly.  Didn’t you read the last six books of this series, considering you’re a character in it?  You did see me gradually mentioning that I’m actually the official Assistant Director, right?  Well, today, you take my spot.  Kids these days are so precious.”

    As Fifi’s nose twitches at Keb’s typical flurry of riddles, a set of boots can be heard rhythmically clicking on the floor, almost as if to say, “And change.”  This seems to cause a low roar accompanied with the blank white page giving way to a vast canvas of empty outer space.  I now present to you the legendary shadow of the System, the True Blue System Director.

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