Chapter 1   True Blue

    “I finally get that date I wanted!  Mwahahaha!”  This is the cheer of none other than our precious Faye Worley Scar…Rug, as you recall.

    “Finally?  I don’t know why you’re implying it’s my fault.  You’re the one who’s in charge of your schedule, not me, Mother.”  You heard right; this is not Elfie talking, but his and Faye’s daughter, now almost twenty years of age, ready to spend the day with her wonderful mama, and this day in particular is extremely special for Fifi Rug.

    Faye asks her companion, “You’re not nervous about the new job, are you, babe?  Thanks for making this day into our little outing together.”

    Closing her eyes to think about the opportunity laid before her, she confidently assures her mom, “being the assistant to the System Director himself is quite the task, but I know everything will be fine once I get used to it.”

    Giddy at the sound of this, Faye can’t help but be a little competitive in her reactions.  “Hehehe!  Take that, Gigi!  I told that girl you were the true blue Successor.”

    “Oh, that again, Mommy,” Fifi sighs with a smile, “I don’t think that’s quite fair to the others to call me the System Successor just because I happen to be helping the Director today.  I mean, the fact you are coming along says how casual the workshop is bound to be.”

    Staring at the clouds in contemplation with her hands behind her head, Faye dismisses this assessment with, “Well, considering I call him Gramps, you can imagine how seriously he takes anything.”

    Chuckling, Fifi lovingly scolds her mama.  “You know he tells you not to call him that, even after all these years.”

    “He hasn’t erased me yet,” is the goofy reply.

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