As Owan sits in his study, writing his latest entry into his version of the team’s adventures, Grace is in the other room using a little advanced nano-chat to communicate, rather intelligibly, with their infant daughter Blue Meyers.  Gi gets everything the baby needs and sets her down long enough to check on Mr. Daddy.

    “I’ll be right back, Blue,” says the mom, trying to leave until the daughter voices another complaint, to which Grace responds, “Oh, boohoo, you’ll be just fine.  Play with your toy skunk and it’ll all be okay.  What do you mean you don’t like it?!  Fine, then I’ll give it to Faye’s kid!  I’ll be right back, dear.”

    It still takes a few minutes of nurturing negotiation before Gracie can successfully break away from the childish conversation, but she eventually manages.  “Hey there, handsome!  How’s my writer doing?”

    Owan reads her a few of his notes and says, “It really means a lot to have a wife that’s a bigger fan of my writing than I am.  With you by my side, ‘Ivory Nocturne,’ maybe I’ll actually make something of our quest that everyone will want to read.  It’s kind of hard to write my own version since everyone already knows the System Director’s rendering.”

    Grace has heard nothing since Owan just gave her the biggest compliment she could ask for.  “Wow, honey!  I’m very flattered that you would ever compare me to a woman of her caliber.”  Owan tries to respond to this, but Gigi laughs triumphantly and boasts, “I guess I wasn’t the New Pac Derm after all.  Take that, Mother!”

    Owan laughs with his wife because he remembers the comment which she’s referring to from the year everyone attended Keb’s costume party.  He turns, takes Gigi’s hands and says a few inspirational, mushy things.  After a kiss, he turns around and says, “Oh, baby!  I could write ten novels with energizing power like that!”

    “GO BABY!” Grace cheers while clapping ecstatically.  “I know your writing is going to do something special.  If nothing else, God has used it to help me in being a good wife and mother.  I seriously praise His name every day for giving me someone as surprising as you.  Didn’t know you were such a hero, did ya?”  As he tries to brush this off, giving the credit to God, as well as to his gorgeous best friend standing with him, Owan looks down at his next line and begins to write.

    With his loving wife by his side, Storyboard O writes the following words, “This, my friend, is a story of forgiveness.  It is a story of compassion and bearing one another’s burden, as well as of loyalty and commitment to God.  It is a story that will forever scream, ‘In Christ, there is truth!’  But my favorite part of all is how this is a story all about Grace and how the Scars were healed.”

    And that is the end.  Or is it?  We started this series as a comic, and that’s how we’re going to end it!

-And So…A Comical Conclusion-

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