As Cat, Doug, Ent, Gigi, Jocelyn, Owan, Kammy and Paul all wave, Faye stands with her beloved Double-Edge and her crazy sister, Tiffany, as she calls out to her youngest sibling for what is definitely not the last time, “You’d better remember, Jaqueline, that I convinced Mom to name you Misa because it’s Ruyngardian for Grace!”

    Kammy hears this and asks, “I thought it was Razian.”

    Faye smiles and says, “Doesn’t the teacher know?  XL Raz was that version of Ruyngard all along, and the word that rang throughout its history was none other than grace.”

    While Kamron smiles and tries once more to recruit Faye as one of her teachers, Jaqueline Misa Scar and her brother promise that, no matter what happens, even if they both make a lot of mistakes along the way, they will try their best to live in a way that shares with others that same grace that patiently brought their family from darkness to the light.  The promise is made, the mission is begun and the twins enter into history.

    The Nightmare to the Nightmares and the Prettiest Face Alive, A.J. and Jaqueline Scar were sent into the past for the third undercover mission in their family’s history, the first being Ally sent from Storyboard XL for a bad reason, but that’s beside the point.  These two might have had a major lesson in pride to learn, carelessly going into battle with the original Arion Jekel, assuming they’d mastered their own abilities to handle him, but after that painful ordeal after which we were initially introduced to them, the twins went on to be one of our most cherish sibling teams.  While their mission shared some similarity with that of their older sister, the twins had an easier task of simply fitting in and doing what was right.  Since Ally had come to learn she was the mother of these famous heroes, she knew that sending them back there, as instructed by the System Director, would naturally result in them living out their own recorded histories.  Oh, along the way, they dealt with a little brainwashing from the enemy resulting in them forgetting where they came from, but once all that was finally fixed, our two mystery siblings were able to fully enjoy the family they’d been without for so many years, and with all these surprise sisters!  A.J. and Jaqui love it!  Makes you wonder what other SGs are actually future agents in disguise, right Mermaid?

    But with all of this being revealed, we have to bring things to a conclusion.  Arion and his beloved sister finally made it back to the present after their twenty-something-years slower rendition of the journey, so, with all of these missions complete, let’s continue forward a bit into the future and see what may be on the horizon.

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