“Sir, yes, sir!” She salutes and everything with this.  This kid is real trooper.

    “Also,” SD continues to clarify, “I’ll try to work out any other details regarding the backstory of your dad’s supposed death as explained in various portions of this series.  This plot hole should be fun.”

    And so, from this crazy meeting, a new family was established.  Ally J. married Alios Crucian Scar, making her Allison Jane Worley Scar and her girls Faye Worley Scar and Tiffany Worley Scar.  This cute family of four moved into that mysteriously wonderful house that Entoni would walk by in just a few short years, being able to smell the wonderful scent of Lily of the Valley.  It is there that this family would live under cover until the dreaded Time of the Tots after which these precious friends could finally reveal themselves to the rest of the universe.  This not only means Faye and Tiffany had a legitimate family all along, but it also means that the various encounters with her mom via time-travel were in addition to her living with that same mother after she had returned to the joyous meeting place at the end of her sentence.  So, young Faye didn’t have to suffer quite as much as you probably thought.

    And that’s our story.  Faye was the hero all along, at least in regards to the villain.  Cat, Abbie and Doug were the ones who led these kids by their own shining examples.  In fact, Doug Rug is the person that Alios Crucian Scar strives to be like, letting his humor and servant’s attitude be a thing that Alios applies to his life while he works hard at sharing that same attitude with his kids.  Faye and Tiffany may technically be on their own shortly after everyone officially meets, but they are wise and respectful enough to still learn everything they can from their mom and dad.  One more thing to add to this is the probable assumption you may have had in regards to which kids Crucian’s lessons have been directed to.  Sure, Faye and Tiffany are his kids, as are the billions of Jokers in the Drawing Board, along with those other random unnamed good Tots Ally made to help Faye’s quest, as Alios loves adding to his sphere of influence, but Alios and Ally were actually blessed with two children of their own, and these were completely naturally produced and raised.  As these two spent their childhood hidden on Juniper, they knew all about the life of an undercover System Guard from before they could walk.  They grew up hearing all the stories of how their mom was the Ultimate Machine, made from the overwhelming power of Arion Jekel and the irresistible charm of Destiny Allure.  As children of Ally, even though her physiology was purified of her old nature, these two new children possess a safer equivalent to the powers of a Jekel, which allows them to survive such an attack with ease, as if they’d ever have to worry about it anyway.

    As everyone else grew up to have kids of their own, these two younger siblings, yet another set of twins, were not so lucky.  Upon their nineteenth birthday, having only been alumni for about six months, Misa Scar and her twin brother, the older by a few seconds, had their final chat with their wonderful mother, Allison, before being sent off to begin their own grand time-travel journey.

    Ally J. hugs her young adults and tenderly says, “My brave, strong son and my crazy shadow of a daughter, almost my twin, you two have been the most overwhelmingly thrilling privilege I have had, both as a parent and as a teacher, watching you grow into the System Guards I always knew you’d be.”

    Their father adds, “Your older sisters are also very proud of you for the decision you two have made in accepting this very risky mission.”

    Misa winks and says, “I know it’s not the same as our field trips, but I also know with my big bro by my side, I’ll never be in danger!”

    With this said, her sibling valiantly agrees to this charge.  “Just as I’ve always done, Mom and Dad, you know that I’ll die before I let anyone hurt my best friend.  I just hope I can be as great a protector to her as you were to us, Dad.”

    These words, along with a few others would serve as the goodbye if not for all of our familiar cast dropping in to send our new heroes off on their brave new journey.

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