“Mommy!”  Two eager voices, thoroughly confused and surprised, scream out as they hug the woman they were just told they wouldn’t see for another six years.  What?  You were expecting me to leave two newly created kids without a mom for that long?  I said Ally’s sentence didn’t bring her back to the present.  That is because someone else needs her more.  Have you figured out yet?  Allison Worley served her seventy years, but upon her release, this beautiful dear was escorted back to the very moment her twins arrived in the past, meaning there has not been a day that Faye nor Tiffany has gone without the love of their mother right there in their own era.  So, even though the girls were sent back first, their mom soon arrived just in time for it to seem like only a few short minutes from the last time they had seen her.

    “You’re still missing something,” says the person who had just orchestrated all this minutes ago from the girls’ perspective.  The System Director shows back up, but this time accompanied by yet another brand new character.

    He introduces himself and Ally immediately recognizes his name.  She recounts, “Alios Crucian is the name of the first human Powered, created by my previous father who then turned the tables on that jokester.  I have to say you have a very telling name, sir, especially since my recent adventure left me with enough time to do some language studies and learn that Crucian is the Razian equivalent of Christian.  I forget what Alios means at the moment.”

    Before this can go anywhere, the System Director suggests now is the best time for Ally to whip out that new name she had been talking about with the ladies while incarcerated.  “Oh,” she says with a slight jump.  “Okay then, Alios, my name is Allison Jane Worley.  I hope you don’t mind me changing Jaqueline to something that flows a bit better.”

    Alios shakes his head politely and says, “I’m sure the great Jaqueline Scar won’t mind at all.  In fact, her friend Jane Li San Diego of New Ruyngard would be tickled to death if she weren’t already a deader, ha ha.  Jane went through a very hard time, being the one responsible for her world caving to iniquity, but when the System Guards came along to help her, she not only got to see her friends pulled out of darkness, but she also had the merciful privilege of receiving help in healing for herself.  Now, everyone knows Jane and her sister Jen Li as two figures forever establish in SG history as great examples of hope, even after failure.  It would seem we both like history and language studies.”

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