Several times, people would do or say something that would only naturally cause the others present to react in a way to either reveal or steal the thunder for something I was planning much later.  This would often either make me prevent them from speaking somehow or work around their unintentional detour from what I had in mind.  This uncertainty is what gave you the emotional scene of Cici and Tat talking with Ina about her suppressed emotions in the last book or the random extra chapter that wasn’t even in my notes until it happened involving Owan’s heroic act of taking responsibility for his actions by helping those he had hurt.  This is why I love writing stories with my PACs.  They write the stories themselves.

    Now, regarding Catherine Antonia T. Sky Rug, she may be eccentric at times, but I hope you’ve learned enough about her over the course of this series to recognize the wise, loving, loyal, mature, responsible woman that she is, even if she does like to goof off with everyone else.  She’s a testament to what can happen when you get it right the first time.  Yes, God can restore a life or even change it into a new adventure, but don’t ever be satisfied with going for a restored life when you still have the opportunity in your hands to live a successful life.  Shoot for character, for integrity and the moral fiber like Entoni showed in both resisting temptation and loving in spite of betrayal, or that Gigi showed in forgiving from the moment she was hurt while being willing to grow for herself, or that Doug showed in being a loving, loyal, selfless leader, able to adapt to change and trusting his wife during the time when all the universe was screaming that she was an ultimate horror.  Hey, maybe Doug’s choice to trust his wife in the last book is what helped Elfie to love Faye even when he thought she was just a lie.  Oh, and you should definitely be like Cat and do more puzzles.  I’d say eat more salad, but puzzles always take priority.  Oh, and I suppose being wise and patient, not jumping into action and boasting about what you’re capable of might be a good goal as well.  There were also plenty of times when Cat could’ve let the doubt of others dictate her actions, but she knew that God is the ultimate opinion on the matter.  That’s why she’s able to patiently keep her plans under wraps, even when others might be ready to judge her quiet methods.  I said her methods are quiet, not her mouth.  Moving on to Ally now.

    We love you Cat.

    So Ally, like I’ve been saying, is our final topic.  Her story, at this point, is still tied to Catherine learning that even she has her limits and needs to let God take those burdens for Himself.  While Ally hates being the teacher for Cat, especially in such a cruel way as we read about earlier, Miss Worley has been spending every day learning what it means to be a true follower of Christ from the example of the Sky Sisters.  I hope I’ve explained well enough that I don’t have to clarify again the specifics of how the PACs serve God from their fictional world so that we can go on with you knowing what I mean.  The woman that stands by Duplica now is not the person that entered into exile with her.  I don’t mean it’s a double, silly, but that everything Cat and Abbie are as two women that have God as their focus…that’s what Ally J. is now.  So, let’s stop putting things off and reunite this woman with the daughters she created seventy years ago.

    In saying this, I might have reminded you of the fact that the type of sentence Ally and her fellow prisoners endured typically brings them back to moments after it started so that they aged but didn’t miss out on their family and friends.  For Abbie and Duplica, this will be the case.  However, Allison J. is not going to get this same treatment.  The way things were when she left will progress in time without her return.

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