Now, in saying Faye’s kindness resulted in the saved lives of one hundred and forty-five billion J Tots being changed into good thoughts, I’m also saying that over eight hundred and fifty-five billion daughters were brought back to life, only to be sent back to oblivion as the hatred for their mother and/or their obsession with the gross pleasure of their sin were just too strong.  And as each one of these eight hundred and fifty-five billion girls were deactivated, Ally J. was fully aware of each one, the heart of this renewed mother breaking again and again with each one, as she knew this was all her fault.

    So, poor Ally, Faye and everyone else who tried to help this project learned a very, very important lesson.  Our sin, our selfishness, hurts people.  It may hurt in a big, obvious way or in a subtle unnoticeable way.  It doesn’t matter.  What you do affects and even inspires others.  Make sure you are pointing them to Christ now so that you won’t have to watch them rebel when you’ve finally made the time to be the teacher they would’ve listened to back when you were putting things off.

    Now, because of Faye’s compassion, Ally’s children were numerous enough to skip being their own nation and agreed on creating their own planet in the Drawing Board.  This is how the Jekels, remade with all the evil gone, became the Jokers, and as irony would have it, many false assumptions arose from this.  It became assumed that a reformed Jekel always becomes a Joker, when the fact is these girls only chose the name as a declaration of their new life, albeit in the Drawing Board, as good thoughts who point to Christ.  They were saying goodbye to the clown Arion Jekel and embracing the true and holy Master.  Another odd rumor that came from this is that some of these girls were revived and allowed to dwell in the world of the living, but were sent to various points in time and space, thus being the ancestors of all the characters who look like Faye and Tiffany.  They say the witty J Tot who dressed like Waterfall from SBXL was the ancestor of the judge, J3, while the very first tot to show up way back at the start of our story is supposed to be the mom or grandmother of Judy “Joker” Josey herself!  Some even go so far as to say the creator of the Ancyro siblings Buck and Lara Shiloh got the inspiration for Lara’s face from the J Tot that was the first one we saw to assimilate a PAC, capturing that poor cadet from the Milky Way’s Earth.  I have to tell you straight up, as much as I like the time-traveling angle here, all of these are just rumors.  The J Tots enjoy their crazy world too much, having turned it into an amusement world as their way of apologizing to the other PACs, to bother with the mundanity of living.  Besides, Missy Melody and Miss Mimi don’t need a J Tot to have a common ancestor, thus being why the two look so similar.

    Yes, but this doesn’t specify if Whirly changed her mind.  Ah, there’s the mention of that girl again.  You know, this tot was one of those that made me consider just leaving them alone with a Bible audio playing or letting some occasional visits from family being the only existence they’d know.  Now, having said that, we come back to Whirly.  Let’s be realistic and face the fact that it’d be a very boring, one-dimensional story to just up and say, “Yeah, everyone lived.  All the bad guys became good and there were no consequences!”  Of course, you’ve read enough to know this blanket sarcasm isn’t what happened.  The fact is that not everyone changes, even when they know the truth and feel the warmth of grace shining upon them.  Some people will just be lost, and that’s the way they want it.

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