Grace is a funny thing.  You see this one and think, “What is she doing here?”  Well, you can thank Faye for this.  I told you I wasn’t done telling you about the heart of that little heroine.  This is something AB would do.  With so many others in her family having compassionate hearts to reach out to the unreachable, Faye’s determination to be like her brave family convinced me to do something I really didn’t want to do.  However, I was reminded of something done by one of the members from the System Guards’ Time Unit we read about in book two.  I don’t believe I recorded this event, so you can read it afresh in context of this craziness.  Faye felt really bad for how she tormented Whirly to the point that she might have actually changed if she weren’t so afraid of Ally.  I tried to review the evil machine’s attitude and words with Faye, but she wouldn’t be convinced.  “One chance.  I won’t drag this out and abuse the concept of grace, but I feel like she should be given one fair shot.”  So, we did a thing.

    No power, no sight, no sound or even a body, Whirly’s program was put into a machine deep within HQ Prison.  She couldn’t communicate with the outside world, but those with proper security clearance could communicate with her, and even this was monitored carefully so Whirly couldn’t trick or scheme her way into the physical world.  The condition was simple to understand.  Faye was given a deadline for Whirl’s change of heart.  It was a reasonable span of time, and it could be adjusted if needed, but the point is that Whirly would be deactivated forever if she showed no signs of change.  Now, even though this wasn’t going anywhere, it was the idea of this brief second chance that turned into a J Tot rescue center of sorts.  Every single J Tot ever made by Ally had their programs put into separate computers, just like Whirl.  They had no way to harm anything and lived in an empty void of nonexistence, from their perspective, until a voice would occasionally reason with them in hopes of helping them out.

    Destiny the Alluring Jekel had made enough of her daughters to account for everyone in the ten new galaxies that used to be ten separate universes, so when I say she had at least a trillion J Tots, that’s severely underestimating the true number.  However, I was safe in picking that figure because it at least covered the number of tots that surprised everyone in genuinely changing, just like their mother.  Because of their disgusting, murderous actions, and the fact that they were all dead anyway, the J Tots that became good characters were simply allowed to live in the Drawing Board, so don’t worry about a ninety-page document with all the new characters.

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