With great delight, Grace says, “You are allowed to visit your family on holidays, AND you’re only going to be dead in the sense of not leaving Juniper and the Drawing Board.  Otherwise, you’ll be brought back to life so that you can marry the girl that I picked out for you.”  Before Owan can say another word, Grace looks deep into his eyes and tells him, “The woman you’ve been given for a wife is someone who forgave you the moment you messed up and has been ready to support you in whatever journey you need to take.  I picked me.”

    As she stares at him, waiting for his response, the light finally goes off in his stunned brain.  He leaps into the air, screaming, “ALRIGHT!”  This gets a big laugh from Gigi until she sees he’s not coming down from being so happy.  Thus, she simply joins him in the air.  She claps for a few seconds, enjoying his goofiness, but eventually decides to hug him again, hoping to catch his dazzled brain in the process.  After this brief celebratory hug, the two chuckle as they shake wrists to properly finish their cheering in a modest fashion, and for the rest of the afternoon, they spend sweet time together like they haven’t in a year.

    And now, I can jump back to where we were so that you can hear of their matrimonial journey since that special day.  Now that they are married, Owan and Gigi live right above Elf and Faye, with the former on Juniper and the latter on HQ, given that dual residency and all for Ent and his bride, and there is more to this living arrangement other than just location.  There’s a reason the System Director chose to leave Owan dead.  He is needed much more on Juniper than back home, and he can keep in touch with everyone, especially with a living wife to run all his errands.  I remind you the living are the actual residents of Juniper with the deaders of the Drawing Board simply having free access to this region.  At any rate, I’ve mentioned before that Ent will be the new leader of the System Guard army and that Kammy may be in charge of its Bible lessons and such, while sharing that with someone else.  That someone else is Owan!

    Just like AB, Cici and Keb, just like James and Amy Scott or the Baylors, Owan and Kammy will tag team this endeavor, giving Kammy time to balance this with leading the DW System Guards while Owan tends to his duties as leader of Juniper’s own military sector known as Combat Court.  In reality, with so many Infinites, Combat Court is more like giving Owan his own school to train iu-level SGs on their journey to 11K.  If you think sharing a Bible ministry with your niece while having your own military camp is a busy schedule, try adding being a teacher at Grace School of Recovery with your wife put in charge of the institution.  That’s right!  While Owan is adding the role of teacher to his hefty plate, Gigi is training to one day take over GSR, letting Charis Scott retire and enjoy more travels with her husband and the Beluus.  Honestly, I think AB just asked Grace to do this for her name, but she’s thrilled and everyone agrees she is an excellent choice, so it works out great.

    Grace, the level of forgiveness you’ve had through all of this is just awe-inspiring.  It’s rare, and some discouraged hearts would even say nonexistent.  We’ve seen you go from a temperamental teenager to a woman of wisdom, and there’s so much we can learn from watching that beautiful transformation.  Thanks for being the sweet, kindhearted Gracie Grace we’ve all come to know you as.

    Owan, I believe you have more than shown that you learned from your mistakes and have left it far behind you.  Your adventures in Dogwood may be over, but the vast worlds of Juniper and the Drawing Board will be quite sufficient in keeping you busy as you meet new deaders who may need help until the new settings have adjusted properly.  So, as you bring that pretty gal of yours along as special guest within the Drawing Board, or as you work diligently together to help the living in GSR, or as the two of you simply hang out as a couple whose love for one another and for God has outlasted the night of their dark past, I am very confident that your story of recovery and forgiveness will help change life after life, with these blessed effects reaching out to people you may never even meet…in the land of us real-worlders.

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