Okay, I tried.  Anyway, we need to back up to a few days after the J Tots were defeated so that we can hear a special conversation between Gigi Rug and the one known as Storyboard O, Owan Meyers.  As the young man sits on a bench near the center of the Juniper District, the reason he is sitting here finally arrives, presenting an eager smile at their reunion.

    Standing up to greet her, Owan’s motions get comically awkward as he’s unsure whether to give this friend a handshake or a polite nod in case she’s not wanting to touch him.  “Sorry that I’m not quite together right now.  My schedule’s kind of dead at the moment.”

    Laughing and hugging her friend, Gigi scolds him, “Don’t be so shy with me, you crazy boy.  I’ve come to give you some news regarding the academy.”

    He still votes on simply lightly patting her back until she feels hugged enough to let go.  Once she finally stops giving this much needed hug, Gigi looks at Owan and waits for what he’s apparently going to say.  “So, what’s up?”  Well, that was profound.

    Snickering, Gi says, “It may surprise you at this point, but you’re still dead.”  Owan laughs at this obvious redundancy, after which Grace continues.  “As a deader, the two things you probably expected to happen within the year can’t happen, since you’re stuck here.  You can’t graduate, and you don’t have transportation to make it to a wedding chapel, if you know what I’m trying to say.”

    Owan understands the sad news she’s trying to break.  “Yeah, I get ya.  It’s okay.”

    Biting her lip, she goes into further detail.  “Owan, you didn’t come back to the land of the living, but do you know what did?  Your testimony.  Person after person came back to life, all telling of the young man who had helped them come to terms with the awful decisions they had made.  Now that they’re alive, it is what you said and the love that you showed that is currently helping them grow.  So, because of the way in which you handled your failure, looking to help others instead of focusing on yourself, accepting responsibility instead of making excuses, AB is going to make an exception to your privileges as a deader.  You’ll be allowed to leave long enough to graduate, and then you have to come back until the next two exceptions come around.”

    Seeing a funny look on Gigi’s face, Owan asks, “What are the two other exceptions?”

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