Now, with these two right there with James, Fiona, Tea and such the like while AB is technically a resident of Juniper who simply walks to his office down below, you might see what this means for the future.  Eventually, AB and Missy will let Ent and Faye take their spots of being in charge of the military aspect of the System Guards while James will be reserving his spot for someone else.  Whoever this is will probably alternate with Kammy, since System Guards positions aren’t exactly biblically ordained offices needing special qualifications beyond a good testimony and other common-sense prerequisites.

    Ent, there’s something unique about you.  Though you’ve tried to follow in the footsteps of all your heroes, somewhere along the way, you greatly surpassed them, leaving in your dust all the failures and hard lessons they had to get past.  You’re not perfect, not at all, but having learned from the mistakes of the great leader called AB, the merciful A.J. Scar, the residents of storyboards long gone and many others, you’ve managed to use that knowledge to ensure that you kept your patience, that you always acted in wisdom and not haste.  You were willing to keep the prettiest thing you’d ever seen at a distance for the sake of honoring Christ, and yet, when it seemed she had dashed your heart into a million pieces, you still chose to love her, even if only as a memory.  I’m glad that you were finally rewarded with what you had done so well to earn the right way.  You’ve given one astronomical performance!

    Faye, my sweet, sweet hero, I guess this story was more about you than most of us realized, even me at first.  Sneaking in quietly, you watched as history unfolded in a way that initially welcomed you as a naïve new student into life itself and patiently taught you how to fit in with those around you, but then swiftly did everything it could to break who you were, what you were meant to become and what you were made to do.  Your own patient, kind heart has found tiny ways to whisper its depth of virtue and compassion throughout your secret adventure, and yet, there’s one more major act of grace that you did that I’ll speak of soon.

    Well, then again, this story took a long time to write, spanning seven books, so I’m going to leave and hang out with your sis at the Birthday Boulevard.  I have to see what games she has there.

    The End.

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