And now, for the couple you’ve all been waiting for, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Entoni Franklin Rug!  In other news, he wanted a face mask for this picture.  She wanted his “handsome” face clearly visible.  We’re praising God that Ent gave in to ditching that clunky ventilator he was calling a mask in favor of the shades the funny couple finally settled on.

    “How long has it been since we helped each other pick our armor colors and designs, and now you complain about a faceguard?”  Giving her husband a hard time, she giggles and jokingly consoles herself, saying, “I guess it’s okay.  I can still reach your lips.”

    “Woohoo!”  Elf cheers, “And not destroy the universe over it.”

    “Oh no,” she says, waving her hand in an explanatory fashion, “I’ve waited far too long, having traveled through time and space to make sure the cosmos doesn’t fall apart for me to go and wreck it now.”

    “So, the System is safe, we’re happily married and your sister is far away, what else is there to discuss?”  As Ent prepares to add a point to his score in the game with Tiff, he and Faye get a quick nano-chat message from a nosey sister-in-law which quickly makes Ent sigh as he now must add a point to her score as well.

    “Well, adorably polite husband,” says a happy Faye Rug, “if you two clowns are done interrupting Gramps, maybe he’ll tell you what’s next.”

    Ignoring that, I will do just as Faye suggested.  With Kammy already set on a path to one day be in charge of DW Academy, if not that entire galaxy’s unit of System Guards, our main couple feels no guilt in ditching everyone in favor of living amongst the System Guard elite themselves on Planet HQ.  I mean, Juniper connects to every HQ in the universe, so Ent can literally fly up to Juniper and drop back down to be in his home galaxy, or he could just teleport straight from one place to another, so in either scenario, he’s no further away from his parents than when he lived at home.  The difference is Cat and Doug don’t have to pay his bills.  The convenience of JD gets even better when you realize Ent and Faye’s house mimics the intergalactic connection trick, resulting in the couple having dual residency on HQ and JD.  The taxes are kind, so it’s not a problem at all.

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