She thought she had ruined her life.  She thought she had blown her chance at mattering in the world.  Abigail Rug was called to be the leader, the hero, and when she messed up, she fell down hard.  However, once she got right, she gave her sorrow and regret to God, and decided to be the best big sister she could be when little Antonia was born.  It took quite a long time, but not only did Abbie get to watch Duplica become the leader she herself couldn’t be, this woman surprised herself with having such a big part in this story that you could easily say both sisters shared this special role.  She may not have been put back into the place she forfeited long ago, but look at everything she’s done.  You honestly can’t tell that big a difference, and we all know Ally may not have changed if not for Abbie’s words of wisdom to a bitter little sister.  Abbie, you demonstrated that God can restore the fallen and let them be the leader they were always called to be, whether that is within the role they would’ve started out with or in a new position that God has custom-designed to fit where they are now.  Never yield to sin, but if you do fall, rest in God’s forgiveness and grace.  Your decision may mean your life is different, but that doesn’t mean it’s ruined.

    Thanks for letting your own hard lessons shine as a light of wisdom for the one placed lovingly in your care, Gail.  You’re more of a hero than you could ever imagine. 😉

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