Having gotten familiar with the form of teasing torture Entoni calls his sister-in-law, we can focus on someone more closely related, Mr. Rug.  What a guy!  While husbands and sons around the universe were caving to sin, this dude stayed true, and his kids gave a dynamic display of character that they would not have gotten if not for a mom and dad as dedicated to the Lord as Doug and Cat Rug.  Thanks for your integrity, soldier.  Thanks for being one I can point to as a show of how, “Simply do right no matter what,” led to a young teenager, as shy as Paul once was, ending up marrying the craziest girl in his academy and raising the twins that would save their world from being lulled into endless torment by their robotic captors.  Atta’ boy, Doug!

    But wait a second!  Doug only came into this picture because someone had enough brains to see a good guy when he walked by.  If Cat was the kind to focus on looks and charisma instead of wanting a man who loves God, this story wouldn’t exist.  And furthermore, Catherine Antonia only got this kind of mind because of an older sister’s loving influence.

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