Well, she came out of nowhere.  Just like another famous SG who was once the hidden twin sister of a hero who hogged the spotlight for years, Tiff Worley has showed up just in time for the end of the series.  At least she had friends on Juniper and was included in the repressed memories thing as opposed to Cici only having her mom and Fiona Sakuro for almost thirteen years.  However, now that she is able to officially join the party, this kid is showing just how much of a ham she is.  If I say she’s Keb-level crazy, are you backing up yet?  At any rate, this self-appointed granddaughter of the System Director was shown an unfathomable amount of love and acceptance by all of her new friends, even being allowed to go with them on a heart-warming, very long makeup field trip since she had missed out for so many years.  This is why you saw her on stage at the start of the chapter.  She got to graduate with her sister and new friends, while someone very special watched this adventurous burst of joy entering the ranks of the System Guards.

    “So then, this super-stunning, wisely-witted, gorgeous girl of every man’s dearest dream watched as her sister got married on the same day as their mutual friends.  So, whom did this heartbreaker marry?  Did she get a Dogwood dude?  Did she bag a blue boy from Azuloth?  Nope.  She’s still stinkin’ single because somebody’s a little lazy.”  She’s very upset I caught her entry in time to put it in quotes.  But as the short one has said, while she’s still waiting for that Mr. Right, or Mr. Brave, to come along and sweep this kook off her dancing feet, she’s more than content with what she’s doing right now, despite her perpetual teasing.  She’s too busy with a creation of her own.  What in the world has she made?  Let’s have the mad scientist explain for herself.

    “Everybody’s welcome!  Come to my yard!  I now introduce Birthday Boulevard!  Are you tired of having four hundred centillion friends who were jerks enough to be born?  Well, we have the solution for you!  No more marking your calendar and making an octillion visits a day, just to wish everyone a happy birthday.  Nope, that’s all in the past!  Here at Birthday Boulevard, we’re making use of the memory double technology which allows PACs to have a duplicate fill in for them while transferring the new memories acquired back to the user, along with a perpetually open subconscious nano-chat channel to bring you into an age where everyone’s birthday is celebrated at a powerful in-person present-giving party simultaneously, right on time!  *Gasp* Whenever you want to enjoy the birthday bonanza, just turn on the nano-channel and anything you’ve missed will be safely added to your beloved birthday brain, making sure the belated birthday blunders of the past are no longer a nightmare for those who just want to stay on schedule.  This business is made possible by the loving support of patrons like you. *big, cute smile*”

    I don’t know what else to comment after that.  Good job, kidder!

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