Now that we’ve explained the legal process of becoming an Infinite Warrior, we can actually talk about Kamron.  First, as you have noticed, Kammy’s dad was not among those to be revived.  While the family was saddened by this fact, not all was lost.  Our girl was going to be married soon, so she was taken care of, which just left the mom, July Tara.  In order to be with her husband, as well as ease her own conscience regarding her moral failure, JT moved to the Juniper District where the united couple both attended Grace School of Recovery.  If you missed our chat, books ago, about how dead PACs handle marriage, the quickest way to explain is that they’re not human souls.  They’re cerebral programs, meaning their theological setup is nothing like our own.  All I do is revive them so they can marry like any other living person but without the privilege of leaving Juniper.  That seems logical enough, so we’ll leave it there.

    So, with her parents accounted for and a new husband by her side, what does Kammy Crystal, this captivating character, do?  Why, she teaches, of course!  Though she starts small, she eventually takes over the class that Ally J. once had, with Lady Duplica even hounding her on a regular basis to be ready for the day this rookie is given the privilege of either taking over for Cat Rug, or even being the principal!  Crazy, right?

    Now, why did I spend so much time talking about Kammy?  Well, honestly, that was the most relevant spot to put some of this stuff.  But in addition to word inventory, you should probably ask the Three about this decision.  I don’t mean Faye, Gigi and Kammy.  I don’t mean Ent, Owan and Paul.  I mean AB, James Scott and A.J. Scar.  Throughout this series, you might have been ready to compare these kids to their respective forerunners.  You might’ve said Elf is obviously AB, Owan is James and Paul is A.J.  However, while you’re right about Entoni and Paul, James himself is the one that has come to see Kammy as his potential replacement one day, calling her the New EMJ.  Of course, with an individual that’s so versatile, we could easily call Kam the New Scar, seeing how she loves both of the Twins.  We could even go with our first assumption and let her fill in for Amy Scott Scar, but that would still leave James’ spot open.  There was a great candidate for being the New James Scott at one time, but then…well, we’ll get to that.

    Kam Kam, Kammy Crystal, K.C. Cannon, after all your struggles over the years, you’ve shown a heart that refuses to give up or give in.  It was a privilege writing a story with a person as fun as you being a part of its cast.  Now, go use that addictively cheerful personality to share God’s Word with everyone who’ll listen.  Take off at light speed!

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