And speaking of heart, here’s a girl that I’m sure has captured yours by now, the amazing K.C. Cannon, Kamron Crystal Meyers Mercury.  The family is changing that to Merc, by the way, to avoid the deity reference, but whatever.  Mrs. Merc is now one of five new Infinite Warriors, allowing K.C. to modify Baby Z and Z2 to be biological in nature in order to avoid another mishap like last time, as the second the others all graduated, every single iu-level student, along with the blue alumni in the crowd, instantly bumped up to IW status.  Now, put away your suspicions.  These didn’t advance because of help from one of the veteran SGs but quite the opposite.  Unlike when AB and Cici were kids, the minors of the modern generations have a mental block imposed upon them at birth to prevent them from becoming Infinite Warriors, no matter how powerful they become, until they are legally permitted by the higher authorities.  Whereas removing the block doesn’t always help anything, these kids are so well-trained that, if not for the prevention, they would’ve technically figured out one of the many ways to circumvent the long, boring method of reaching level 11,000 as a means to becoming an Infinite long ago.  That said, once the restraint was removed, their bodies reflexed to the kind of conditioning they’d be subjected to over the years and said, “Oh, yeah, we’re an Infinite now, buddy.”  Their bodies didn’t literally say this, although it’s possible, given the list of new abilities.

    Now, while graduation and/or adulthood is typically the only requirement(s) for a rookie to be allowed to join the rest of the gang, Kammy was the one exception.  Why is this?  Well, this was Jo’s goof, being the romantic type.  Rather than freeing her granddaughter of the hinderance at the usual time, Josey kept it a secret so that the two love birds would have the surprise of finishing their training together.  Now, you are probably blaming Jo for a lot of things that happened to Kammy during the Time of the Tots, but I’ll remind you that Jocelyn was the one to give the kids their temporary upgrade during that nightmare, so Kam wasn’t defenseless because of her granny’s love-themed decision.

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