After reading about the usually cool Mercy losing her patience, you can imagine how Jocelyn Meyers acted when Darius came home, having read about her “energetic” interaction with her granddaughter over killing John Scott, revealing where Kam gets the explosive nature she’s displayed over the series.  The irony is that Kammy’s decision to end her own father’s life, though Josey now knows her son’s death was from a hidden J Tot framing a girl who had just successfully returned her dad to normal, made Lady Meyers realize how broken she would be without Darius.  Rather than being angry at her husband or bitter over her son, Jo chose contentment, and it was this precious decision that compelled a sincerely repentant husband to succeed in keeping his commitment to never hurt his treasured companion in such a way ever again.

    As far as certain other people go, we need to further examine Jo’s attitude.  Right now, the important person to discuss is Faye.  You see, because of Faye being able to hang out with everybody beforehand, leaving repressed memories behind to help with the restoration of her shattered friendships, Jocelyn knows this girl has done nothing wrong, but is the one our group should be thanking for protecting them over the years.  However, even with the knowledge and experience to back up this fact, Jo is among those that still find it very awkward to be around the young woman and her sister.  Jocelyn forgives her and will defend her against any rude naysayer, but if you ask her who she wants to spend the weekend with, the Worley Girls are not even close to halfway up the list.  Don’t worry; I know she’ll eventually warm up to them.  So full of life, humor, and passion, I don’t doubt you for a minute, Jo.  Soon enough, you’ll be goofing around with Faye and Tiff just like anyone else.  You’re just that kind of sweetheart.

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