Beyond this, however, Paul has yet to figure out what he wants to be besides a good System Guard and a great husband, but given how this young man has proven himself to be such a respectable example of character and loyalty, he’ll definitely make a good dad, and maybe even a decent teacher.  Oh, and while we’re talking about Paul and his lineage, his kids won’t be coming from a line of aliens that moved here from Dogwood Galaxy’s Mercury.  Paul, his parents and so forth all share the same heritage as every other Dogwood individual.  The whole alien thing among the other planets is just a fashion choice.  I clarified this a few books ago, but I thought a little reminder would be good after the J Tot’s propaganda.  Now, run with all your might, Paul!  Run the good race and never lose that determination and diligence that has brought such a beautiful woman into your life that looks up to you as her hero!

    Also, related to Paul, literally, is his dear mother Mercy.  So, how did things turn out for this sweet little gal?  Well, while she was definitely at the wedding, as well as present for a few of the trips we’ve taken over the years, one lesson she was not in attendance for was the discussion with Ally J. in regards to A.J. Scar and MC Blue.  Do you still remember that one from a few chapters back?  MC Blue had heard about A.J.’s reputation for his mercy and compassion and thus abused this knowledge, subjecting the System Guard to cruel mockery and tricks just to test this claim.  Well, Mercy didn’t hear this story, so everything was fresh for her when, sometime after the wedding, she concluded she was tired of everyone pressuring her, based on this girl’s name, to forgive Marc for his unfaithfulness.  She thus left him, choosing, rather, to defend against what the others said about God’s opinion of mercy with His opinion on divorce on the grounds of adultery.  However, Mercy still didn’t feel comfortable about completely ending things yet, so she decided to wait a year and see what happened.  Along the way, while she was very right about being able to divorce over her husband cheating on her, she decided to give her pain to God, and after a time of healing, she gave Marc a second chance, and he has more than made up for it since the couple reunited.  Way to go, Mercy!

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