Ally picks the design, based on the Director’s specific instructions, while he does the rest in creating a new character.  When she is finished, this blank slate looks around and greets everyone.

    “Hello, he he!  I’m Faye!”  Yes, this is a standard birth greeting.  Before she is given her mission, however, the Director realizes the hardships ahead for this precious child, so he asks Ally about that short-haired design she also uses.  That is when Faye’s best friend is created along with her.  These are the Worley Sisters.

    After the initial, surprise, welcome from everyone, these two cadets are instantly inducted into the ranks of System Guards, even if this is to remain a secret for a while.  “Faye,” the Director says, “I have a very special friend who needs your help.”  She naively nods and eagerly volunteers.  “When you get there, you and your sister will learn all about the new friends you’re going to grow up with and protect from the fakers that you’re going to see.  Your mom will teach you all her secrets, since she’s already been where you two are going.  I’ll make sure you have everything you need, okay?  You two can stay in a wonderful place called the Juniper District with these people here.  You’ll have a lot of re-introducing to do, but you’ll be fine.”  As he gives more instructions, I believe you can figure out by now what is about to happen.  Elf is not going to fall in love with a girl that never existed.  He’s going to fall in love with a girl that’s always been there, experiencing everything with him, and has been protecting him from the day she was born.  And, like any J Tot, despite her mission, she was given a free will, and more so with her origins being of a purer nature.  With this in mind, I can honestly say that, after all the years she’s had to learn and choose for herself, Faye Worley genuinely loves her Elfie with her own heart, not somebody else’s.

    However, this sweet revelation comes with a price.  “Faye, the reason I gave you Tiffany is so that you won’t be alone, living by yourself on Juniper.  Friends are nice, but it’s good to have some family with you.”  This takes everyone off guard, even Cat.  The System Director takes Ally by the hand and explains the reason for this announcement.  “Allison, you’re forgiven.  You’ve been changed, and that won’t be taken away.  Still, you murdered several people, and would have killed even more if you weren’t stopped.  You still have to face the consequences for your actions.  I’m going to sentence you to a life’s term in exile.”

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