Looking over at AB and the System Director, she asks, “Is there nothing we can do for that boy?  He’s always been so kind to me, to everyone, even to Faye.  I am aware of everything he said to my tots, even in his darkest hour.  I can’t let his life be ruined because of my selfishness.”  She stops talking because she can tell her mix of excitement and anxious guilt is making her speak without thinking.  But still, she was supposed to be Cat’s big sister, yet she was nothing of the sort.  What can Ally do to make amends for this?  It’s just not possible!  But wait; Elfie himself said it.  He didn’t love the physical body of the J Tots.  He’s not shallow like Ally and her children.  It was the person that he loved, and that’s something she can give him.  She may have destroyed all the tots up until now, but she still has all of the memories of Faye.

    “System Director, sir,” Ally asks with a little bow that is appreciated but politely discouraged, “I want to give something to Elfie that I know he will love forever.  Will you help me make a final J Tot that has all the memories of Faye but without the defilements of the others?  I can’t let him suffer like that, and despite what she thinks, I do care about my Cathy’s feelings.”

    The thought is very generous, and the group does like the idea, but in the end, the answer is in the negative.  The System Director explains.  “If we make a new J Tot and give her memories of a girl that never existed, we will do yet another disservice to both of those kids.  Elfie will be forced to love a girl he’s never met, giving her the affection that was intended to go to someone else, while having to look at the face of his new wife, per say, and not feel any resentment for things that poor creature has never done.  On the other hand, you’re dooming a child to live in the shadow of something she can never be, pushing her into what could be the worst existential crisis you could place upon your daughter, Ally.  I’m sorry.  For both of their sakes, I will not do that.”  The Director waits a moment and then gives the new plan.

    “The new J Tot should have her own memories with Elfie.  In fact, every memory you have of Faye should go to this new one, but not as a ghost of someone else.  I’m going to have this new character experience all of Faye’s memories for herself, because this new character I’m going to create is, indeed¸ Faye herself.”

    While she doesn’t fully get it, probably because of the slightly cryptic wording, Ally understands enough to know that she is about to have the privilege of a daughter that will make Elfie genuinely happy.  That is when a hero is born.

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