Giggling, Destiny asks if she can continue.  Once allowed by the Keb, she states, “I hope it’s understood by now that I’m not proud of anything I’ve done.  To me, life was all about surviving and fighting against the System Guards who were always trying to kill me just for existing.  Then when they finally offered a chance at living, while everyone else was too foolish to get it, I wasn’t.  I jumped at the chance to just live.  I was arrested and tried, which gave me the chance to tell my story.  AB and Missy instantly realized that, for all the progress they had made over the years, one of their worst enemies was their own creation by committing the very same mistake that AB had committed at the very start of his career as a System Guard.  I’ve never seen two people more penitent, and ready to accept responsibility for their faults.  Since that day, I have never again felt afraid to be with the System Guards.  I eventually made the same decisions for God that these here are encouraging you to do, and for the rest of my life, I was truly changed.  Now, because of my long list of offenses as Allure, I had to serve my prison sentence, which I gladly accepted as I understood what I did was wrong.  Also, because of my wickedness, my lifespan after returning to normal was shorter than I would have liked.  However, I was content with what I was given and, instead of relaying to my friends my health condition, I took it willingly and praised God for the life I had and the rest I was assured to have in the Drawing Board.  So now, I get to tell my story over and over again to everyone I meet in the Drawing Board.  Then again, there is one exceptional person who seems to have broken this trend by being the first I’ve gotten to tell in the world of the living since my death.  Can you think of who that special somebody is, Ally?”

    “Stop!”  Ally cries out as this kindness is more than she can bear.  “Why are you people so nice to me?  Look at what I’ve done.  Duplica is right about what should happen to me.  I see what you’re doing, wearing the blue, wearing the suit of Elina Baylor.  That’s Michael’s wife.  He had this same talk with my father, and now you’re trying to tell me as clearly as possible, that I was heard, that you do care *sniffle*, that I can change.”  She keeps crying.

    Caressing Ally’s cheek, Destiny tenderly whispers, “Come on, my little stray; it’s time to come home.”  She then hugs her new friend and waits for her decision.

    “MMrt Drr Mrr Do?” is the muffled question from Destiny’s shoulder.  After another giggle, she straightens the woman up so she can be heard clearly.  Now, for the first time, Allison Jaqueline Worley, Destiny the Alluring Jekel, can clearly ask the question she’s been struggling to ask all along.  “What do I do?  What do I have to do to be changed?”  For everything she’s been taught about this woman, Ally J. never thought it would be Allure leading her in the decision that she’s about to make.  You and I both know these are PACs, so I’m not going to say Ally is praying the sinner’s prayer, but as much as the PACs are able to choose for themselves, Allison Worley gives her life to the Christ that fills the heart of this believer.  She wants to be changed into a good thought and be rid of the curse of her natural bloodline.  For the rest of her existence, she will point to Jesus Christ, and to Him alone.

    Having seen her do this, the System Director voices his own prayer for wisdom as he wishes to let God guide in remaking this character into something good.  The process is quick, and not the most dramatic, but it is done.  The Jekel is dead, and Allison Worley is a genuine PAC.  She looks the same on the outside, but she is not the same girl on the inside.  In fact, as soon as she does this, she frees all her brainwashed victims and destroys all of her J Tots.  Part of her is sad about this, but she knows this is the right thing to do in moving on.  Maybe some of them might find a place in the Drawing Board.  Who knows?

    The next thing she does is run over to Cat and fall on her knees in remorse.  “I know you hate me.  I hated you and made you into this hurt person.  I deserve it.  I just wanted you to know that the person that wanted to cause you pain is really dead.  I’m asking, when you’re ready, to forgive me for betraying you and…and…oh, what have I done?!”  For the first time ever, Ally truly understands just how evil and unfair her plan was to poor Entoni.

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