Hearing this familiar line, the System Director kneels down with the two and says to Ally, “I’ll tell you a secret.  Do you know who used to be a child of Satan himself?  Me.  Do you know who became sin?  ‘For He hath made Him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.’”

    Ally cringes at these words.  “You’re quoting that book.  I wish you wouldn’t.  Why does it hurt so much?”

    Chuckling a bit, SD says, “It hurts because it’s true, and because you haven’t changed yet.  That’s okay.  Can I say more?”  In spite of the pain, she agrees to listen.  “Now, I know that things work differently for you PACs since you’re not souls like we are.  That doesn’t take away from your own form of reality, but now’s not the time for quoting all that again.  Ally, I’ve put my faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and asked Him to apply His death and resurrection to my heart to cleanse me of my sins.  Jesus became sin, taking everything bad that I’ve done, as well as that of every other real-worlder, and placing that sin on Himself, taking our punishment.  He changed this child of Satan into a son of God, and now His Holy Spirit lives in this heart and mind.  If I give God full control, He will guide me in what I should think and write, and that comes down to you having the privilege of either being a good thought that helps in sharing good lessons with people or being a bad thought, in an illustrative sense, that ends up being used as a bad example of, ‘Don’t be like this,’ before you have to be dealt with.  I know which choice you want to make, but I can’t make it for you.  Now, if this real-world child of the devil can be changed into a child of the Most High God, then don’t you think that I, as your author, can do something as silly and simple as changing your character design and theme?”

    Allure sits in deep thought, her tongue within her mouth moving her cheeks around as she’s engrossed in serious contemplation.  “I really want to.  I just don’t think I could keep it up.  I’m programmed to be Allure, so…I would just mess up and hurt more people.”  She says this, but her posture implies that this is far from being her final answer.

    It is this statement that inspires the Kebber to whisper an idea in the System Director’s ear.

    “Are you sure?” he asks.

    “I kind of think it’s Destiny, don’t you?” is her sarcastic, pun-intended answer.

    Giving heed to the crazy one, SD lifts Ally up and waves his hand to the side.  “Allison Jaqueline Worley, I now proudly introduce you to the person of the hour, that individual that you have lived all of your life trying to be like, I think it’s time that you finally met your hero…Destiny Allure.”

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