“Our meeting with you was not to brag and say, ‘Look how gracious we are!’  No, that’s not it.  We’ve failed.  We’ve all had the chance to be kind and forgiving, only to push others away because we were so set on being right or on getting even that it was much too late with people far too hurt to hear our sincerest apologies.  That is the reason I’ve been so glad to watch the PACs work this out for themselves.  I don’t tell them what to do or what to say, any more than I’ve ever told you.  All of you are as autonomous as my limited cerebral hardware will allow.  Their decisions to be so kind have been their own.  Many times, I wish I was even half the man that AB is.  He is not a character to represent me, but rather what I hope I could someday be by the power of Christ.  Even so, as long as the System Director, or AB, or Ally J. seeks to follow Jesus Christ and let Him do the remodel, anyone can be used for His glory.  So, while things might not be so simple in my world, if you guys are wanting to push in a direction that shows the power of God’s grace, then that’s something I will gladly write about until I’m…blue in the face, heh heh.”

    Ally looks at Keb and responds, “So, I can change?”

    Keb reminds her, “Hon, we were supposed to come to you.  You already figured this out by yourself.”

    SD can’t help complaining a bit.  “You literally changed the ending and ruined my plot all by yourself.”

    “You remember what else she ruined?” Cat starts back up.  “Ally can’t just be like, ‘Oh, let me worm my fake daughter’s way into your son’s heart, then rip it in pieces as I take everything from him.  Oh, and I’ll kill everybody in the universe while I’m at it.’  She’s killed all my friends!”

    Missy sneaks over with another bop.  “Well, that was overexaggerated,” says the bopper.  “Hon, can you give a status report on all the casualties?”

    AB takes this question and gives it to Ally.  Once she’s urged about this, she gives the report.  “The only people I killed were the ones who committed fornication and adultery.  I know this was hypocritical, but I knew I would receive the same punishment, so it was even.  As far as the others went, I specifically order my tots not to kill anyone and to only use enough mind games to distract long enough to digitize everyone until I could talk to you.  In fact, I would remind you that my main theme is sensual temptation, and yet, well, I made sure to hold back on that too, not dressing as inappropriately as I could’ve, which is a decision that cost me several potential recruits.  It was a part of my hints to AB that I wasn’t fighting seriously, that I was trying to be nice.”

    As she sees Cat about to react, Ally’s walls crumble as she tearfully blurts out her regret, “Look, I know it was stupid and that I’m a stupid clown.  I get that.  I lied, and I always lie.  It’s how I was born and all I know.  EVERYTHING is a lie to me.  My dad made me and lied, throwing me away in some other universe, never to see me again.  I’ve lied to countless, countless little girls who called me their mommy, slaughtering them the moment they walked in the door just to tell me how their day at school went.  My idols, my gods, were the two forces Arion Jekel and Destiny Allure, both of whom bathed in tricks and schemes to woo and torment their prey.  As I slowly learned about my target, ever sustaining my hateful heart with the dream of one day taking your life, I saw how everything I stood for always ended in death.  Arion died.  All the other villains died.  The only one not to die was my Allure, and why was that?  Because of the very people she hated and tried to kill.  I wanted to know if it was true.  I wanted to know if this thing about the grace of God was a lie like everything else I’ve been programmed to believe.”

    Ally falls to her knees in a sorrowful mess, so Abbie goes over to her and gives her a hug.  Cat sees this and turns away.  Abbie lifts Ally’s chin and asks her, “Are you ready to change then?”

    The girl thinks about this and responds, “How can I change?  I’m a Jekel, a monster.  I’m evil, a wicked thought, a child of a demon.  I’m literally sin, for crying out loud!”

    Rolling her eyes at this dramatic rant, Abbie quips, “Ally, you’re a cartoon character.”

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