“However, whereas Victor took that information and destroyed himself, along with his brethren, in lunacy, the talk we would have had with you, regarding how you as a machine understand the concept of following orders and programs, but that your ability as a computer to logically process data would easily show that, just as you would quickly eradicate a J Tot for trying to command its fellow soldiers to rebel, it is equally foolish to follow the commands of Arion Jekel in kicking against the God who created the mind that one of his children has used to make this dinky pseudo-universe; that’s a conversation you would’ve taken much better.  What I’m trying to say is that the chain of command is your J Tots, then you, then your creator, then Arion Jekel, then me as the author, and then ultimately my God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    “It would be wrong of me to command you all to act in unbiblical ways because it goes against my orders.  So, for your creator and Arion Jekel to program you for wickedness is a logical error, thus your computer system should allow you the integrity to override that in favor of a superior command.  That, and your logic combined with your own level of freewill play together so that you are smart enough to know what’s right, but free enough to choose.  Now, after this explanation, you would’ve eventually changed.  However, there’s just one problem with all of this, and that problem is Lady Duplica.  Well, there are two problems, Duplica and AB.  When they changed things up a bit at the Feast of Demons, where all the other villains were finally dealt with, that minor change in history resulted in a few other small differences, one of which affected your idols.  Your hero, the original Allure, got the idea for her new suit and nickname Destiny from an individual living in Storyboard XL.  She never met this person, which is good for Allure since that precious heroine would have dealt with her immediately, but she did find artistic inspiration from the woman.  Now, why does this matter?  Because Destiny XL’s armor color was different in the original history, but was changed to blue, somehow, as a result of Cat’s interference with time.”

    Cat interrupts to clear her good name in a panic.  “I was told it was okay!  I’m sorry!”

    SD laughs, and assures her that what he’s about to say will prove her decision was definitely the right one.  “While Allure didn’t notice the change when she first saw Destiny this time around, you did.  In fact, you and I both know you had to create Faye to scout for you because I prevented you from accessing the Juniper District or time-travel, with some very important and controlled exceptions.  However, when the report came in from that year’s tot regarding XL, you were able to somehow sense a change.  You didn’t know what was off, but there was something about this Destiny that intrigued you.  I could tell something good was about to happen, so I allowed you a little more freedom in your personal observation of history.  You couldn’t necessarily travel to other eras or dimensions, but there were certain events I wanted you to see that I allowed you to watch, completely unaided by your scouts.  The more I showed you, the more you understood, which resulted in you wanting to send out a message.  That is when your privilege of time-travel was given, Ally.  And that message involved the color blue.  Sure, as Duplica’s class learned from Peter and Lullaby long ago, the System has several unique creative materials, spanning across all the states of matter.  One of these materials was a blue rock substance.  All of this is to say that there’s already plenty of blue going around in the System, along with the other colors, but you made it a point to increase the presence of this particular color, because you were so timid and shy, being awkward in your way of getting our attention, that you resorted to the most mundane and ridiculous message I’ve ever seen, and I highly cherish it.”

    Nervously playing with her hair, Ally sheepishly asks, “So, is it really possible?”

    As curiosity gets to Cat, she also speaks up.  “Is what possible?”

    SD puts his hands up.  “Whoa, ladies, we still have to explain this goofy message.  Catherine, you have some friends that once had a time-traveling adventure concerning the color red.  How ironic that, this time, it is for the color blue…considering their last name.  You know the couple I’m talking about, don’t you?  Miss Master of Mystery, can you figure this puzzle out?”

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