“Well, that’s risking a lot,” Cat remarks.

    “Totally going to lose fan base, I know,” says the System Director who is going to be referring to his in-story self in the third person to, hopefully, keep things less complicated.

    “I wouldn’t worry, sir,” Missy casually advises.  Then looking at the camera quite accusatively, she says, “You wouldn’t be the first author to put himself in his own comics.”

    Keb points out, “Think of how far along into our materials we are.  I think we’ll be fine.  Otherwise, blame me.”

    “Hello, AB, System Director, so unusual to see both of you together.  May I compare?” Ally smiles, resisting the urge to revert to her human form lest it be misunderstood, getting her killed instantly.

     “Sure,” AB obliges.

    Enjoy the comparison quickly, because SD immediately puts his shades back on once Ally is satisfied.

    Pondering what she knows about the two, Ally says, “AB, the leader of all System Guards, with the author’s stamp of approval put upon his face, you are the original duplicate.”

    Giving a little salute of thanks, AB says, “That’s appreciated, but it’s not why we came here.”

    “Oh?” Ally responds with a raised eyebrow to display her interest.

    The System Director approaches her and informs her, “The answer to your question is…yes.”

    “Yes?”  The mime monster glares at this very late response, but this can’t be maintained as she looks at the ground, almost smiling, as she places her lightly closes hand over her heart.

    Dissatisfied that Destiny still exists, Duplica asks, “What’s this question that everyone’s talking about?”

    Looking at Keb, SD remarks, “It’s the question Ally wanted to ask before Judy interrupted.  She meant well, so it’s okay, and I’m, frankly, not sure you were ready to answer, Cat.  Now, AB was coming to answer you, Ally, but Keb contacted me and said I should be the one having this conversation with you.  So, here I am.  However, the mime assimilation is creepy, so I’m undoing that right now.  Feel free to fit in if you’d like.”  After saying this, the Director frees everyone being held captive by Allure’s J Tots while Destiny gladly takes him up on the offer to change into her human form while they speak.

    Seeing this, Cat demands to know, “Is this tea time or something?  Kill the freak!”

    Missy sneaks up behind this girl and bops her on the head.  “Cat Cat, behave.  Listen.”

    While most of the freed slaves are back in their respective homes, Doug and Abbie are present for the conversation that’s about to be had.  Also, unbeknownst to Ally, people all across the universe, whether they were trapped or already free, instantly have repressed memories restored of a sweet young woman who was destined to save the System.  The exceptions to this wonderful experience happen to be her neighbors from Juniper and a certain little judge who gave a great performance of feigned ignorance last year, among others.  None of these had their memories “restored” because they were never repressed, you see.

    As things start to improve, the only ones not back to normal are those still under Allure’s perverted influence, having been detained by the various SGs rather than having been killed.  Before we tend to this, however, let’s listen to what SD has to say.

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