Allure wants to smart off back to Cat, but she is too distracted by a disturbing fact she never paid much attention to until now.  As she checks all the data she’s been given, not only by her tots, but now from the memories of all the PACs she’s absorbed, she realizes she wasn’t told the whole story from all those field trips.  “Catherine, I didn’t know Doug drove a bus for my children, nor did I know they pretended to be Mirrors.  Why wouldn’t they tell me this?”

    “BECAUSE YOU’RE A LYING MURDERER WHO ONLY THINKS OF YOURSELF!” Cat screams bitterly.  “You boast of a kingdom of love, but all you’ve done is been the biggest bully I have ever seen, and now, you start to see that not even your own children give completely loyalty to you because of how pathetic you are!  Hey, if I’m lucky, they’ll realize what unworthy trash is standing before me and they’ll turn on you right in front of my two eager little eyes!  I was hoping my friends could figure out a way to override their captors, but, oh ho, I would muuuuuch rather watch your own children tear you apart, you ravaging waste of space!”  Cat huffs in a tempestuous rage, having spewed this pain out at Ally.

    Staring at a girl losing the battle to her deep hatred, Allure cannot find words to answer this, but simply goes with, “Good.”  She then looks around for a spot on which to land and picks, of all places, an asteroid.  “Better.”  She points to the spot and disappears.  Cat gets the hint and teleports to this destination, seeing that her rival, indeed, has chosen this rock for the next step.  “Perfect.”

    “I hate you,” is all Cat can say.

    “So, I’ve noticed,” Ally says.  “Now, stew in your anger while I gather my thoughts.  I have much that bothers me now.”  These thoughts are apparently so troublesome that Ally J. reverts back to her red Jekel form as she’s no longer in the mood to play.

    “Fat chance, clown face!”  Duplica ignores this request and goes in for another attack until something else cuts her off.

    “Stop.  That’s an order.”

    Astronomical Bomber, or just AB, and his lovely Missy Melody have arrived on this humble little asteroid to pay Ally a visit.  However, before they can start, Keb shows up with what looks to be another AB.

    “There they are, sir!  Come on!”  Taking the hand of this other AB and eagerly leading him to the party, Keb claps her own hands and says, “Hear ye, hear ye!  Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present to you the one and only author of our story and thinker of our world, the one known as…the System Director.  Choose your actions wisely.”

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