“I’m making a statement.  I don’t care about scaring you or breaking your heart or seducing you.  As I went to pick the perfect way to mock your has-been sister, I realized what the prophecies were talking about.  They spoke of the Iron-Clay, the Ultimate Machine that was part flesh and part steel, the complete assimilation of AB and Ultimax.  That’s when I realized the path laid before me.  As the Ultimate Machine, I will embrace my self-given title and command you call me by that name alone.  Even your own son hinted at my coming with his name, Edge.  For you see, I am the End, the End of All Things.”

    So now, Ally J. randomly wants to be called End while she battles against Duplica.  It doesn’t really change much since her attack style is still the same and Cat doesn’t really care anymore about all the prophecies and time leaks as she just wants to save her friends, even if it risks permanently deleting them from existence.  Not existing at all is better than this.

    Now, before my mention of Ally J’s use of the others led to this green monstrosity, I was going to point out their motion that has them going higher and higher into the sky, until they’re not even on the planet anymore, but are battling among the Grand System of the Dogwood Galaxy.  However, though they be in the midst of space, End remembers Cat’s witty use of thunder and chooses to start summoning lightning and hail out here in the vacuum of space, just to show she can do stuff, too.

    “Oh, yeah?!”  Cat clasps her hands together and violently swings them to the side like she’s swinging a bat, thus smashing End from the side with a random bus Cat materialized.  “Ya’ need a lift, ya sassy speed bump?!”

    “That was totally awesome!” Ally has to confess.  “I really didn’t see that coming!  Is that a bus you used to take my tots on your field trips?”

    “Nope,” Cat mocks, “that’s a privilege none of your tin cans ever got.  Doug let them ride a bus, but I made them walk.  At the time, it was a leisurely stroll, but now I’m glad I never gave such luxury to your trash!”

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