While Elf starts to freak out seeing a Tiffany Tot next to his sister, Faye simply answers her banter with, “Yeah, well, when you actually have a boyfriend, Tiff, you can start giving me advice.  Don’t worry, hon; that’s just my thunder-stealing twin.  I’m going to explain everything, okay?”

    As she makes sure Gigi is okay, Tiffany shoots back, “So, you’re going to explain to him how you’ve been hijacking the J Tots in preemptive vengeance for them besmirching your honor and breaking Elfer’s heart?  Not my fault Grandpa only cares about giving you a man.”

    “Eh heh,” with this nervous response, she affirms, “I guess I did get a little carried away.  Sorry.  I love my Elfie.  That’s why I worked so hard to make sure Whirly stayed alive so I could personally ‘greet’ her for hurtin’ my man!”

    Elf asks, “So, you gave them that power up?”

    “Actually, no,” this reply betrays the equal shock from Faye to this fact.  “I thought for sure that thing would get herself killed from going crazy at me messing with her for a year, but Ally J. suddenly gave that message, surprising both Tiffany and me.  By the way, did you get my messages I left every time I hijacked Whirly?  He he!  Also, did you like the fact I have white System Blades?  I chose that color using some white from Abbie’s armor so she could still be the hero after all she’s been through.  Can you tell I’m excited that I can finally tell you my mission after all this time?  He he he!”

    “Can you tell I like Whitney from CFA by the colors of my suit?” Tiff sarcastically asks.

    “Who?” Elf responds.

    “Never mind,” says the dejected Tiff.  “You two going to finish this date, or is life in the universe not a thing anymore?”  Having said this, Tiffany uses her powers to heal Grace, like she should have done by now instead of lollygagging.  “Grace, Grace, I need you to wake up, hon.  All the tots are gone now.  Yes, yes, I know, let’s freak out over Tiffany.  It’s okay.  I’m not going to hurt you.  Look, look, see?  It’s Faye and Elf Elf, and they’re not fighting or making out.  They’re just normal, mushy human beings.”

    Tiffany helps Gracie stand up, and the two approach the seemingly restored couple.  Gigi asks the obvious, “What’s going on, Elf?”

    After Ent voices his lack of knowledge here, Faye greets her friend whom she loves so much.  “Grace, Edge isn’t going to be so lucky, but for you, I’ll make it easy.  Here’s a gift.”  Blowing Gigi a kiss, Faye watches the girl for a moment before Grace reacts in excitement.

    “Faye!  I remember!”  Grace smiles and looks at her big sister with loving eyes she hasn’t been able to use all day.

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