Entoni has been stabbed.  Faye has pierced his heart, and he has sent his saber right through her pretty little face.

    There they stand, clearly stabbing one other in the vitals, and yet both warriors are still standing as healthy as ever, even if Faye can’t see with the annoying green light in her face.

    “Now, do you see why I hate bubblegum?”

    “Huh?!”  Ent knows what he heard and it sends his mind reeling.  “WHAT did you just say?”

    “*Ahem*” This clearing of the throat, along with the polite removal of her saber, is a subtle hint that she would really love to see right now.

    “Oh, sorry,” he hastily says while putting the weapons away.

    With the green distraction gone, this beautiful angel smiles at Elfie, demonstrating that her form, like his own, is still unharmed by the effects of the System Blade, or any other System tech for that matter.  She sees him trying to comprehend this mystery in front of him, so she lovingly leans in and asks him, “Entoni Franklin Rug, did you honestly think that I would EVER do such a thing as betray your trust after all we’ve been through together?  I’m sorry I had to make you attack me, but I’ve been waiting six years until the moment that I could prove to you that I meant what I said when I promised you that I would die before I let any fakers hurt the man I love.”

    This is it.  The girl he’s loved is saying the promises that no other J Tot even knew about, but how can Faye be here if she never existed?  As Elf stares into her eyes, he doesn’t care about the details.  He somehow knows this is his Faye.  Furthermore, as she’s already leaning in from whispering to him, it dawns on him that she’s not trying to kiss him.  Highly impressed, and definitely relieved, he finds his hand lovingly tracing the cheek that his weapon could have harmed, only to find its owner scrunching her nose and playfully shaking her head to both signal that there’s no need to apologize, as well as to teasingly hint, “Back off, bub.”

    As he pulls his hand away, doing so causes his eyes to see a precious friend that has been missing all day.

    “That’s the necklace I gave you!”

    “So, it is.”  This overjoyed little girl taps this necklace that some handsome hunk recently gave her as she tells her Double-Edge, “The difference between the J Tots and me is they don’t have the mysterious depths of your wisdom for their black, nor the lively humor of your spirit for their green, nor the gorgeous shine of your eyes for their stars, nor the kindness of your heart adorning their necks.”

    “This all would be more romantic if you hadn’t tortured that poor Whirly all day long,” says another new voice on the scene.

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