This tot is crazier than the others, or at least more trigger-happy, it would seem.  Edge considers his options and realizes he has no choice.  He feels like he’s sacrificing his sister, but can’t risk being wrong with these blades threatening her safety.  “Alright, Faye, you win.  I’m trusting you, even though I shouldn’t.”  He carefully places Gigi on the ground and the two slowly walk to the side, as this particular girl is a tot of her word and doesn’t wish to endanger her prizes before she can claim them.

    “Are you ready, my Elfie?” she asks.

    “Just keep your promise, Faye.”

    “That’s been the whole point, Entoni,” she remarks.  Then, dashing forward in fury, she screams, “And now, I’m going to force you to do something I’ve wanted for six long years!”  This angry little foe zooms in at Elfer, so he prepares to counter, but as he does, the sound of his reaction is just as startling as what he heard only moments earlier.  Instead of the buzzing noise these clashing lasers should have made upon contact, Entoni only hears his unhindered blade zip through absolutely nothing.  His beam cut right through a girl that, despite her pretense, made no effort whatsoever to defend herself.

    As you can see for yourself, this attack clearly hit Faye dead on, yet in a matter of seconds, the green line penetrating her person quickly goes away.  She wasn’t hurt whatsoever.  She laughs and asks, “Is that really what my older sisters were afraid of?  Oh no, honey, if you want me to keep my promise, you’ll have to do better than that to save your precious little sister from your Fate.”

    Having barely finished this mockery, she lashes at Ent again and again with every other attack repeating the same awkward practice of her simply stopping and taking the full force of the System Blade with it having no effect.  As she keeps going, she constantly taunts, and almost coaches, Entoni to keep at it until he’s saved the day.  “Come on, Double-Edge!  I know you’re going to win this!”

    As this is the first time Faye has called him this from the start of her disgusting nightmare, something about her cheering actually fills Ent with a strength he hasn’t had in hours, causing his attacks to become more focused and intentional, even if the result is constantly the same.  However, everything changes when Faye decides to take this seriously, resulting in a vicious, lightspeed sword fight that eventually ends with a much more decisive blow.

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