And at that moment, as Elfie closes his eyes, he hears one of the J Tots cry out, “We die together!”  The zaps and explosions heard next tell Ent that something in the tots’ plan just went wrong.  This confusion causes him to open his eyes to see what that was.  Gigi is still safe, though unconscious, in his arms, but all around his feet are slain J Tots.  Even though they all reverted back to their marionette forms, Ent is still able to barely confirm that Whirly was among those destroyed since she was the only J Tot to not wear a red bow on her outfit.  He notices things like this.  So then, if Gigi was too busy sleeping to destroy them, who did?  Ent looks up and sees an answer he’s not ready for.

    Now, here is a peculiar sight!  Out of all the past forms the J Tots used, none of them ever bothered with what would have been the most important form to Elfie.  Whirly never even used it.  Even more unusual is that one thing every J Tot is mortally afraid of, choosing rather to end their own existence than be touched by this phobia, and yet she wields two of them?  But the most disturbing difference of all with this J Tot is her scent.  This is the first time all day his nose hasn’t been filled with that disgusting bubblegum aroma.  Now, he smells an addictive treat that he’s only smelt a few times in his life.  What is this?  It’s Lily of the Valley perfume.

    “So then,” she says, “I see you’re done flirting with my older sisters.  I’ve been waiting for you, but I don’t have the patience any of them had, which is why I was specifically commanded to wait.  I don’t intend to share you with anyone.  Here’s the deal; heads, you stab me and save the day.  Tails, I stab you and make you mine forever.”

    Holding his sister close, Ent refuses, saying, “I’m not falling for this and letting you hurt my sister anymore, Faye!”

    Furious and serious, she sends the beams of her sabers into the ground, shooting them back up only inches from Gigi’s unprotected sides, too close for Ent to do anything about without risking her life.  “You have no choice, Entoni, but to take me at my word that I won’t harm her!  Test my patience and you’ll be reminded of how dangerous these swords can be in the hands of the wrong person.  Do as I say and I promise not to do anything more than what rules I have just set.”

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