Whatever problems Whirly has had this past year clearly do not exist as she and her sisters immediately set free a brutally overwhelming force at such an unexpected rate, it catches the twins off guard to the point that Grace soon passes out from the unbearable might of this unbridle assault, leaving Ent with the daunting task of holding his limp sister in his right arm while trying to hold back the tots with the blade in his left hand.

    “Elfie,” the tots say in unison, “stop this, silly.  No need to fight, silly.  We love you, silly!”

    “You love me?!” he shouts in anguish.  “Look at my sister, your best friend.  Is this your love?  What about all the things we promised each other these past few years?!  Do you not remember when we stood in Lullaby’s cabin, with everyone ready to turn against you all day long, but I was still willing to trust you, no matter how badly things looked?  What happened to what you promised me then, huh?!”

    At the mention of this event, all the tots look at Elfie, then at each other in sore confusion.  They say, “We don’t understand.  No such conversation occurred.”

    “You dare mock me like that?”  Disgusted, Ent suggests, “I suppose that memory was erased when you forfeited the life of the woman I loved from that empty Zombie I’m looking at now.”

    “Negative,” the tots say, “Mommy adjusted our emotions a bit since we were a tad grumpy, but she restored our full memory since EEEEEEeeeeeverrrrrrrRRRYthing about YOU is important, Elfie.”

    “And yet, you don’t remember everyone ready to accuse you of being a Mirror last year with me still loving you all the same?”

    “AWWWW!!”  The tots dance in romantic delight.  “That shounds sho shweeeet!!  We loves it!!  But, baby, you’re so ready to join us and play our lovely games that you’re starting to make up stories like we do aaaaaaaall the time.  He he!”  The girls all hold hands and hop around, singing, “Our boyfriend’s delusional!  Our boyfriend’s delusional!”  Heartbroken even more, Ent holds his sister tightly, trying not to cry.

    As one of the tots notices this, they mockingly console him, saying, “Don’t cry, boyfriend.  We’ll hug you!”  These words and this scene prove their suggestion to be insufficient as THIS is the moment they’ve been fighting for all this time.  They gather around their prey and all speak together their wicked intensions.  “After all the struggles and arguments, honey, baby, the thing that we needs real bad, you’re about to say yes, whether you want to or not.”  They all leap forward, screaming, “This is what we’ve all lived for!!”

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