Whirl brags, “Ent Breath, you should know that you will never get to see those chumps get married.  Why?  Because they’re our sisters now!  We tots can digitize you like the Powered and Female Phantoms.  I mean, we should, considering the Female Phantoms were just us trying to frame your mom to get her nosey behind slain.  But anyway, when we digitize people, we assimilate their PAC code with our own so that they can watch us torture their loved ones using their own hands!  AND because the data is shared among us, you can never EVER save your friends.  They can NEVER die.  Which means we will always have our precious Kammy and Paul and Mercy…and now even Aunt Abbie and your dad.”

    This news is too much to bear, so Edge reacts by using his main attack, Cleansing Wave, a massive slicing wave created by his dual System Blades, to slice everything around him, including Gigi.


    Turning around, Ent screams in horror as he realizes what he just did, but his fear is not valid.  Yes, he sees a very distinct green line across his sister, but he watches as it quickly goes away.  Before he can rejoice, however, Gigi quickly flips forward, with a J Tot rolling over her, screaming for its life.

    “And that’s what you get for trying to ambush me, Faye!!” says a very alive Gigi.

    “Wait!” Ent says as he quickly understands what just happened.

    “Mm-hmm!” Gigi nods vigorously with a big smile.  “That’s exactly what’s been happening all day, the devious little cheats!”

    Because Ent hit Gigi with such a big attack, the tots weren’t ready to move in, so the twins had ample time to prove the saber technology never had a problem at all.  Then, as a hasty tot moved in to cover up this truth, Grace anticipated this and hip tossed her over her shoulder.

    “So then,” Ent says with a little relief, “I didn’t kill Owan.  I really did cleanse him.  Whirly killed him.”

    “And I bet she killed Kammy’s dad, too, making her believe she did it,” Gigi deduces.

    “Yes, I killed Owan!”  Whirly dances around like she did earlier when first hearing about the news.

    As if this wasn’t bad enough, Whirly gets a message that is so wonderful to her that she opens her mouth so everyone can hear it.

    “JT Faye MA18A, I’m sorry I took so long to answer.  Mommy was busy with three playthings, but now it’s just Mommy and the enemy.  I have to say that I am touched by your plea.  You’re the first of my daughters that ever loved me as a mother and not as a dictator, so I will, indeed, spare your life.  Now, go ahead and use the gift I’m sending you on our boyfriend, Elfie.  Tell him I love him and will enjoy him soon.  One order of extra power on the way!”

    Whirly, along with all of the other tots, violently convulse as the latest update loads into their little bodies, repairing any malfunction their programs may have, adding any new software needed and so forth.  Basically, they’re going to end up being twice the threat that they’ve ever been.

    Also, if you’re wondering how Infinites can be weaker or stronger, the quick answer, for sake of time, is relative strength, level of skill using said strength and weird physics.  I’ve explained it more in depth before, but the best I can do for a summary is reminding you that our view of the Infinite’s fighting is a representation of what’s actually going on since our senses wouldn’t be able to handle things from their perspective.

    So, yeah, about that power boost, this thing is enough to thoroughly squash any doubt in Whirly’s mind where she belongs.  “And now, it’s time to join our unbeatable family, lovers!”

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