She fumes, “Oh, I’m not going to die today, I promise you that.”

    “No, Faye,” Elf says, “regardless of what Whirly does, right now, I’m watching the woman that means more to me than life itself slowly take her own life so that Whirly can steal it.  I don’t care about your past, whatever that actually was.  What I care about is you, but once this process is over, I can’t help you anymore, and what I will be fighting is simply your empty corpse, your Zombie, a clone of the woman who’s already dead.  Please don’t do this.”

    The girl closes her eyes.  She smiles as much as she possibly can and takes in the moment.  “I’ve won.  I’ve actually done it.  I don’t need you anymore.  My sisters accepted me, so I don’t have to worry about begging for your help.  I’ll still be completely me, baby, but without your religion pestering my mind.  Hahah!  Hi, Jack!  I’m a Whirly, Swirly, Tilt-a-whirly stupid clown.  I eat boogers and hate my sisters.  They should listen to me now.”

    Ent is confused by this last part, but then hears the other tots all say, “We are Whirly, Swirly, Tilt-a-whirly stupid clown.  Doofy doofy doofy!  We eat boogers.”

    Now, Elf is curious.  “So, why is it okay for you guys to say you’re clowns but we can’t?”

    “Don’t be moronic, Elf!” Faye barks at him.  “No one said anything about being clowns!”


    “WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS ARGUING WITH ME?!”  Ending the memory editing process, she marches up to him and says, “Forget it.  I can do that later.  Entoni, I’m tired of arguing with you about everything.”  Then, joining back in the fight against her ex-boyfriend, Faye says, “I don’t know how the other tots put up with your constant need for being right, but I just can’t handle it.  Look, I only need your body, not your voice, so I’d suggest you learn how to talk to me decently or I’ll take away that privilege for a very long time.”

    “Fine,” says Double-Edge, “I’ll let your demise do the talking.”

    The two newly established enemies forget everyone else nearby as they’ve become so frustrated with each other’s temper that neither one cares about putting up with the other’s impenetrable walls anymore.  As Whirly viciously throws her dark powers at him, she freaks out when her fellow tots jump in to help her.  “HE’S MINE!!  I’M GOING TO MAKE HIM SUFFER!!”

    “Silly, sister,” they say, “we can’t hurt Elfie.  Take a chill pill or something.”  One of them even suggests deleting the arguments while she’s busy editing her mind.

    “Oh, yeah.”

    Then the tots say, “You don’t want to die or have Elfie, sister.  You just want to fit in, to be accepted as one of us.  Elfie is OUR husband.  Gigi is OUR husband, and everyone else would’ve been, had they not been stupids.  Oh well, now, they’re all our sisters.”

    As the tots have this bizarre family moment, the ferocity of their attack is putting more pressure on the twins who are only still able to keep up because of their borrowed powers.  Gigi decides to boost morale by saying, “We must keep going for Mom and Dad.  You want to see Kammy and Paul get married, right?”

    Thinking of his two precious friends, Ent smiles in knowing that if this nightmare can be dealt with, Kammy and Paul will get married.  Ent may have to wait a while for a girl, if he’s even interested in looking for several years to come after this, but he’ll gladly ensure his friends can be safe and happy.

    “Ha ha ha!  That’s rich!”  Whirly will joyfully burst this bubble with information that’s been relayed to them all since her recent rant about Kammy’s fate.  The monster sings, “I get to tell you!  I get to tell you!”

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