She is desperate, very desperate, so she does something that no other J Tot has ever thought to do.  She reaches out to her mother.  “Mommy, this is J Tot Faye Model Age 18A, I have failed you many times today, and I know I am worthy of torment and death.  These fools actually believe I’d join their side if I were desperate enough.  I want to stay with you, and I’m not saying this to avoid my destruction.  I know very well that you could end me at any time, but listen to what this tot is saying.  I’m being offered help against the sisters that should stand by me but do nothing but mock, eagerly waiting to kill me off for what is rightfully ours to share.  I don’t know why I mess up so much, but I’m telling you I’d rather die in your honor than betray you.  Destiny the Alluring Jekel, I, Faye Worley, looooove being dirty.”

    As no response comes back, as Whirly had anticipated, she begins to weep as she realizes just how alone and stuck she is.  All she wants to do is spend time playing with Elfie.  She wants to enjoy her sisters and bring Gigi into the fold, but they have turned against her and left her to die, and yet when she has voiced her readiness for death, they mock her so that she knows they’ll decide when she’s ready to die.

    “Faye!” Ent calls out to the raging young woman.  “Haven’t you had enough pain trying to figure this out on your own?”

    Choosing to stay in her mime form for a while, Whirly says, “I’m done talking to you, Rug.  I can never have you, so why even bother?  Maybe you’ll hit me with a…”  That is when she gets an idea of how to end it all.  Rushing to Entoni, she stands in front of him and challenges him, “Come on then, here’s your one chance to free me.  You and I both know I can’t be yours.  There are an endless number of us, and I’m just a stumbling-block in your way.  If I’m able to change, that sword will do it.”

    Looking at his hand, Ent warns her, “You should know this tech hasn’t been very reliable all day.”

    “Oh, but, you see—” As Whirly starts to argue, she changes her mind.  “Forget it.  You’re too pathetic to kill a pretty face like mine.”  While they are so close, and since she’s in a sassy mood, she reaches in to kiss him.  In defense, he goes ahead with the sword, but as she is able to notice this in time, she jumps back, screaming, soon falling to the ground in a panic.

    “Oh, man!  That was dumb!  That was dumb!  That was dumb!  I almost got myself killed, and by…THAT.”  Rising up, Faye scoffs, “Do you remember what that thing represents?  I despise it more than when you call me Tilt-a-whirl or clown.”  Then, after a long, abominable rant of how much this tot hates anything to do with the Bible, or even the word grace, she concludes, “I’m so repulsed by it, I’m going to risk being zapped by Mommy to edit every Christian reference out of my mind RIGHT NOW!!”

    As she does this, the other tots, highly impressed, surround her so that she can quickly follow through on this promise, ensuring that Ent and Gigi can no longer influence her using the Bible or anything related to it.  She’s made her choice and there’s no turning back.

    Gigi’s ears still ring with all the verbal abuse she, her brother, and the cause of Christ have all endured.  Turning to her sibling, she states, “Ent, it’s over.  This thing is just another tot.  Let’s stop making this harder than it has to be.”


    The plan now is to destroy Whirly and be done with this chapter, for both sides represented here.  With all the sisters of darkness getting in the way, Elf and Gi try shooting Faye from a distance, but she shields herself to complete the process of cleansing her mind.  As Elf notices this, he can’t help himself from wondering if stopping this process might leave Faye open to possibility of letting them help her.  He has to somehow convince her to stop before her mind is too far gone.

    Resorting to nano-chat, he asks her, “So, did you really mean all that or were you just scared of being killed?”

    “Get out of my mind!” she demands.

    He says, “Fine, I will.  I just figured you’d like my company before you die.”

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