“Now, get back to work, clown,” barks a fellow Tot.

    “Are you even kidding me?!” She says, looking around at her siblings.  “You’ve been pressuring me all day to get this over with, threatening to take my life, and now that I’m going to give up and die, you just say, ‘Oh, get back to work, clow—’’  You know how J Tots feel about that word, so when she comes close to saying it in her anger, I can’t describe her level of rage, seeing how it’s already been so high.  Her actions speak louder as she starts attacking everything from friend to foe.

    The other tots are divided over whether to kill her now or let her suffer further for being so deficient of an automaton.  Elf and Gigi see this as an opportunity to reach out to Faye and thus make an effort to defend her.  Seeing this, she begrudgingly says, “Might as well.  They’re not in a hurry to kill me anyway.”  The three former friends then begin to fight against the other J Tots like they have fought together so many times before.  How sad that this time has to be under such horrible circumstances.

    As they battle, Ent and Gigi find this awkward, and even difficult, as they are not used to seeing Faye fight as a monster like this, forsaking all the attacks they’ve gotten used to seeing her do.  Then again, as she pointed out earlier, Whirly’s attacks as Faye were all dumbed-down versions of what she does now, so there’s not as much difference in her style…just her heart.  Her occasional switching into her more ghastly form doesn’t help either.

    On the other hand, as a J Tot, Whirly still has deep love and respect for the twins, even if it’s tainted by their delusional frame of mind.  This is evident as she watches Gigi in action, realizing that she has leveled up significantly compared to when they were sparring just last week.

    “Gigi, when did you get so stinkin’ strong?”

    Without much thought, Grace happily says, “I leveled up a lot today because Elfie and I got to spar with Blue and Red Shiloh.  My team won because of our amazing strategy.”  That’s when Gracie remembers why Faye wouldn’t know this.  “I wish you could have been there.  I missed you.  I miss my big sister.”

    Focused more on fact than common sense, Faye lets out, “Yeah, sorry I missed that for you.  I was busy playing with Owan then.”  Of course, as Gigi’s saddened reaction catches Faye’s glance, she realizes she fumbled her words again.  “Grace, it doesn’t matter.  Owan is dead and I’m not yet.  If you don’t want to lose me, too, just do something stupid to make these jerks happy.”

    “You really are naïve, Faye Worley,” Grace coldly alleges.  “I see why they have no use for you.  As smart as you pretended to be, now you’re so single-minded, you can’t see everything you were holding in your hands on this very day, and now, you have nothing and are begging the very people actively fighting on your behalf to just give up.  We’re going to listen to you and love you, but they’re going to throw everything you love about us into the trash, and after it’s over, they will still destroy you and take us for themselves.  At this point, whether we win or lose, you’re going to be scrapped, unless you grow up and get over yourself!”

    “SHUT UP!!”  Whirly will not allow the idea of becoming one of the goodies to even tip-toe into her mind.  She loves what she does and she loves terrorizing and causing pain.  If she can somehow weasel her way out of this, she’ll do it.  She will fake it and pretend if she has to, but her pure hatred of everything wholesome and clean is what stands in the way of her putting on the mask of reform.  “There’s got to be some way to get out of this without angering Mommy.  I don’t need their help.  I just need to win her favor back.  HOW?!”

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