“When are you going to stop sharing with Whirly?” Ent enquires.

    They say, “Only if she can’t deliver the goods this final time.”

    To ensure the twins are on the same page, they’ve quickly used nano-chat to sync together whatever information the other was missing from today’s events.  They’re not completely mentally linked but simply made sure they both know the news for the others and this Whirly girly.  Having done this, Gigi has enough understanding to ask the slowly declining leader of the tots, “Whirl, what are you going to do when they say the time is up and you still aren’t able to kill us?  Are you just going to throw your hands up and cheer on your own demise?”

    There is no answer given because she doesn’t want to admit how the process works.  Ent realizes how hopeless the situation is for this villain and reminds her, “Faye, you went on all those trips with us, grew up as our best friend, and know all about how we are.  Do you think you’re too far gone to change now?  Don’t you want the help?”

    “Yes!  I want the help, you deaf no-good!” she yells in angers.  “I told you what you have to do, but you keep ignoring and then keep having the audacity to offer your hypocritical help to me!  You spent two years leading me on that you’d marry me some day, and now, when that’s the very thing I’m asking of you, the one thing that could spare your girlfriend’s life is suddenly a deathly big deal!”

    Getting to the point, Ent says, “I’m not your boyfriend, Faye.  I haven’t been for hours.  I’m talking as your friend and as one who doesn’t want to see you suffer anymore, even in this state.  I am asking that you let me save SOME of you, even if I can’t save all of the woman I love.”

    Whirly’s been growing tired of arguing with Ent, not just for today, but for the past year.  She wasn’t the tot that traveled around the galaxies and fought against Ultimaxine, but was created right as that particular one came home to give its report and claim its promised reward, which was just a swift death delivered by a lying mother.  Whirl received all the previous memories and was introduced to Owan who had been won over by the girl that was destroyed minutes before Whirly had been activated.  Mr. Meyers was her hand-me-down boyfriend from a dead older sibling.  But then she met this Elfie from her memories and she was ready to forget about Owan, for the most part.  However, something has been very wrong with this whole experience.  You see, poor Whirly has the misfortune of being slightly different from her predecessors in that she’s oddly clumsy with her actions and words.  J Tots are supposed to be cunning, irresistible temptations, and yet every time she’s tried to tempt Elfie, she gets worse and worse at her practice.  Any time in the past that you read about Elfie starting to get uncharacteristically careless, even if it was just a small bit, that was from the effect of that year’s tot, but Whirly seems to lack this level of mesmerizing ability.  It’d be one thing if he had been slowly giving in or at least communicated the fact that she’s a genuine struggle, even if he was nowhere near the point of yielding, but for this tot to be a complete romantic failure makes her feel worthless as a creation.

    “How ironic,” whispers one of Whirly’s younger siblings, “for all the work that we’ve had to do for that fumbling Kammy, and you turn out just as bad, Swirly.”  This enrages the machine, making her attacks more chaotic and careless, making it clear to the twins that she may be getting destroyed soon.

    “Faye,” Ent says directly, “I’m not going to babysit you or let you use this problem you’ve gotten yourself into as a way to tug at my emotions.  If you want help, say it now, or else I’m going to watch them break you in pieces, along with whatever concern I have left for the girl named Faye Worley.”

    This pushes this bot into an even worse rage, blasting the twins with all sorts of vile insults and cuts at them and their family.  “Don’t you get it, Rug?!  I’m a machine.  The minute I stop doing what I’m told, she’ll cut me off.  I won’t run anymore.  It’s not within my capability to resist my mother!  And you know what?  I’m glad to die!”  This tantrum inspires the raging bull to stand still with her hands held up as she shouts, “Just get it over with and take our husband, sisters!!”  J Tots stand around and applaud her dramatic speech.

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