His resolve is just too much for Ally.  “Doug, you amaze me.  I really don’t know what to do with you.  I was planning on having you to myself and killing my rival.  That was my plan and reason I was made, to torment and destroy Duplica, but your bond is something I believe I may actually respect.  So, I’m going to make a kindhearted exception to my eternal army.”  Backing away and aiming her hand at him, she says, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, Cathy, but this is the only way to let you have your beloved in the Drawing Board.”  Ally sees Cat looking up as she completely vaporizes this tot out of existence, much to the grief of Cat.

    However, this sorrow is mixed with hope that at least Doug won’t be stuck as a J Tot forever.  “But there’s just one teeny problem,” Ally says as two new tots rise up beside her, one with Doug’s face and the other with Mercy’s, “My tots share all their data, so if one of them is destroyed, you friends just find a new body to inhabit.  I should have told you already, but in order to free them, you’ll have to destroy the central computer, and that is impossible because that computer is the Ultimate Machine, ME!!!  And if, by some miracle, you destroy me, my corrupted code will take everyone down with me.  Just like all bad thoughts cease to exist, the System will register Doug’s data as evil and blip him out the moment I’m gone.  The only way you can stay together is to join him, and that’s something I will never tempt you with, Catherine Antonia Sky, because I hate you and want to watch you burn!  Doesn’t that sound like a good idea, Abigail?”  As Ally ends this horrible revelation, her address to Cat’s sister makes her turn around to see that her husband’s sacrifice was for nothing.  Abigail has been digitized, too.

    Cat is truly alone, surrounded by the suffering phantoms of her beloved ones that can never again be free and clean.  All she has now is a mocking big sister ready to end everything once and for all.  Before Ally commences her final act, she succeeds in reaching her hand to a defeated Duplica’s chin and softly turns the young woman’s gaze toward her own.  “Catherine, with everything I have done today, I have one question I need to ask you first.”

    Before anything else can be said, however, another voice has something else to say.

    “Joker’s in town to turn this clown upside-down!”

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