Moving to be beside her lunatic, Cat chuckles and says, “Nice try, clown face, but it looks like I’m the hottest girl in this scene.”  This inspires Duplica to do one of those corny ballerina poses with Doug catching her to join in the, frankly embarrassing, stance.

    “I’m going to die next to this?” Abbie laments.

    Showing her superiority yet again by being the only one of her kind in history to not freak out over the slur of being called a clown, Ally goes into a romantic tone herself, being delighted at the commitment Mr. Rug has for his wife.  “Yes, I admit it!  After all the years that I tried to subtly win him over, or push Jo at him, that man of yours is one of the few in this universe that has been transparent all the way to the core.  I’d say it sickens me if not for the rarity of his honesty.  You, Catherine, are truly the luckiest woman in the System to have that man as your husband.  Cherish him while you can.”  And for this honest compliment to come from a creature like Destiny Allure really speaks volume to the couple she’s facing off against.

    “However,” Ally says in a disgusted tone, “as I’ve clearly shown you today by whom I prioritized to kill first, I have no place in my new kingdom for fornicating filth.  This extra trash right here will be digitized, but I won’t give her the privilege of having her dirty face shown ever again!  Be grateful I even let you live!”  With this stated, Ally quickly summons an unreasonable amount of J Tots to ensure that Abigail Rug has no chance of avoiding her doom, and with this, the capturing ray is fired.  However, her devoted little sister jumps in the way to take the beam and opens her eyes to an experience she’s never felt before, the loss of a husband.

    “Well, this stinks,” Doug says as he awakes in his new body.  “Sorry our three-man team didn’t work out.  At least we saved your sister.”

    “DOUG!”  Now, Cat is freaking out.  “That was supposed to be me, you jerk!!”  As she weeps, she doesn’t notice Ally hovering towards him.

    “Kitty Kat,” Allure says, “it’s okay.  Now, we can both have Doug.  Why can’t you share him a little?”  Cat refuses to look at this as she weeps for her beloved.  Seeing her pain, Ally speaks in a meditative tone, “Out of all the people I’ve encountered, I’ve rarely had a reason to say it, but…you really do love him that much, don’t you?”

    “Even as a tot, I still want my wife and not you, clown,” Doug declares.  “Well, baby, at least Ent now has a tot who doesn’t lie about loving him, heh heh.”

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