“Who are you, honey?” Whirly wants to know.

    Whirly was in the middle of trying to, eventually, start a date when these two girls crashed the party that was really going nowhere.

    Miss scolds Whirly in a taunt.  “You really are pathetic, older sister.  The only reason Mommy hasn’t broken you for being nothing but a miserable screwup all day long is because of the emotional attachment with you being the tot who shattered our Elfie’s heart.  Now, I’ve been sent to deliver our best friend to you so you can work on her as well to redeem yourself by recruiting both of them.  Remember, we love them both, and Mommy said these two don’t get killed or digitized.  They’re our beloved family.  Now, do your job or I’ll gladly take over for you, Tilt-a-whirl!”

    As Miss fades away, it becomes deathly clear that she was never Miss Mimi but Little Miss Nightmare, Faye Worley.  Having been threatened, the remaining J Tot decides to go all out since she sees her one life-saving quality is rapidly losing meaning to an impatient Ally J.  As she prepares her next idea to convert the Rug Twins to her dark cause, Whirly says to them in a very determined voice, “Baby, Gigi, I really do love you guys, but if you don’t help me out, you’d better know right now that I don’t plan on dying alone.”

    Returning back outside, we see Ally taunting her foes over the loss of Kammy and the others.

    “Oh, what a delicious treat Kammy is to me!”  Ally says, high up in the sky.

    Abbie looks down and sees the battlefield empty.  “Are we really all that’s left?”

    “Uh, when did we get back to the school?” Doug points out.

    Giggling, Ally confesses, “That’s why I’ve always found you so attractive, Doug Mug, my love.  You’re so smart, and yet so witty about it, now I think it’s safe to tell them our secret.  Go on.”

    “What secret?”  Even he’s confused.

    “Of how long you and I have been working together,” Ally encourages.  “You can’t lie forever.”

    Separating themselves from Mr. Rug, the girls demand he tell the truth.

    “The truth is she’s pulling your leg.  I haven’t done anything wrong!”  As Doug vehemently insists upon this, he overhears Abbie quickly checking the status of the other storyboards.  While the main SGs are doing their best to keep things from being a complete disaster, the stats are still quite discouraging.  When Doug hears his wife talking with her sister about the grim situation, forgetting he’s there for a second, he turns to Ally, moves forward a bit and says, “Fine, the truth is that I love you, and that my heart has been yours for much longer than she’d like to believe.  In fact, I am so obsessed with you…that’s why this clown cries herself to sleep at night, heh heh.”  Doug’s ridiculous attempt at being a smooth trickster goes nowhere, but it at least gets the job down.  Destiny Allure twitches her eye in anger as Cat happily understands what her faithful moron is trying to say.

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